Monday, August 24, 2009

Phew! What a Day!

I realized recently that I haven't been shopping with Gavin by myself yet. Part of me is very nervous about being on my own with him while trying to shop. However, I was bound and determined to do it today. My brother is an amazingly talented interior designer in Hollywood and he is in the process of helping me design my house. Well, one of the pieces that he selected for me is a beautiful wall-mounted headboard from Ikea. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued so they only have a small number left in the stores, but I really wanted it because it really is a beautiful piece. The closest Ikea is about 30 minutes away and being that it was a large headboard, I would have to take my husband's giant, lifted truck to pick it up. But, like I said, I was determined to get it done today. (Bad idea....)

So, I hoisted Gavin's car seat up into the truck and hit the road. I began driving down the highway and passed by a shopping center that my mom and I used to shop at often, which sparked some major emotions. So as I'm trying to hold back the tears, I hear this pop and the truck goes swerving all over the highway. I was able to slow it down and get it to the shoulder, but it was scary. I was pretty shaken up over the whole thing but had to compose myself for Gavin. Luckily, we have AAA, so I was able to get a tow home. However, Gavin and I were sweltering on the ride since the tow truck did not have air conditioning! Gav was quite a trooper through the whole thing, though. Geesh! What a day. Here is the damage I did to the tire:

And, of course, two new photos of my sweet boy:

Monday, August 17, 2009

5 Months Old

Gavin turned 5 months old on Sunday.  The time has absolutely flown by!  I have to return to work on September 1, when Gav will be 5 1/2 months old and I am not looking forward to it.  It will be nice to see all of my coworkers again, but I will miss Gavin terribly.  Luckily, my sister will be watching him during the day for us, so he will be with someone I love and trust, which is nice.  I just can't imagine leaving him with a stranger.  He is such a good, sweet baby.  The older he gets, the more playful he gets.  He has such a wonderful personality.  He absolutely cracks me up because he can be so silly sometimes.  It has been awhile since my last post, so I have tons of pictures to share of all the fun things we have done lately, but I'll try to keep the descriptions short, as I know I tend to be bit wordy!

My mom had bought Gav some thermal pj's that she thought were so cute.  He was finally able to wear them on a cool night and he looked so adorable.  I just wish she could have seen him in them.

Gavin being silly

One of the new outfits Grandma S bought for Gavin during our big shopping day (so cute!)

Hanging out in the spa at Grandma and Grandpa S' house

This Hurley hoodie outfit was another one that my mom had bought for Gavin and he looked so grown-up in it!

We went to visit friends of ours that we met during our honeymoon cruise in 2006.  They have an adorable baby boy who is exactly one week older than Gavin.  We hope to visit each other often so our boys can grow up together.

Here we are on a cruise in 2007 with the same couple.  They are in the middle and Matt and I are on the right.  This was before the babies.  :o)

We visited Mamaw and Papaw recently and had a great time.  Gavin enjoyed playing the piano with Daddy.

We finally tried rice cereal mixed with breast milk for the first time.  Gavin seemed anxious to give it a try.

"Yum... this is pretty good"

"I wanna help with the spoon"

"I love rice cereal!"

Making one of his many silly faces

We went to visit some friends this weekend and Gavin held onto his car seat toys with both hands during the entire trip!

I love my sweet boy!

"Oh, Mom, please no more kisses!"

Matt's brother and his wife are currently in Ethiopia picking up the newest addition to their family - an adorable baby girl named Adia who they have adopted.  Check out her blog here.  It has been a very long journey for them and early in the process they made these onsies to help raise money for the adoption.  We are anxious for their return and can't wait to meet our new niece!  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers for a safe trip home.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

Matt's mom recently emailed me some pictures of Matt when he was 4 months old and it amazed me to see how much Gavin looks like his daddy.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time to Relax

The past few days have been pretty relaxing.  It's always nice to have some relaxing days sandwiched in-between busy ones! Gavin even took some time to hang out in the sink.  He's almost a perfect fit!

He also wanted to catch up on his reading, but I don't think he noticed his book was upside-down!

Yesterday, we spent almost the whole day shopping with Grandma.  We had so much fun!  She bought him tons of cute clothes and managed to catch some great shots of him throughout the day.  She put this together to describe his feelings during our outing:

I guess shopping with Mommy and Grandma isn't that bad after all!