Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jaxon - Month Five

My sweet Jax,

You are doing so many new things this month.  The time is flying by and I can't believe you are already five months old!  Here are some new things about you this month:

You love driving your jeep!
  • You laugh out loud.  Baby laughter is one of the sweetest sounds in the world!
I love this outfit on you, but you didn't seem so sure about it
  • You began sleeping in your own crib in your nursery.  I miss having you right beside me in the bassinet, but you had just outgrown it.  But your nursery came out so cute!!  Thanks to Uncle Jason for designing it and Aunt Kristy for painting the animals on the walls.  (I'm so sad that we did all that work before we moved.)

  • You still wake up 2-3 times per night to nurse.  I am exhausted since I am working full-time.  I hope you start sleeping through the night soon!
You love your swing!
  • You roll over from your tummy to your back.
  • You roll over all the time to get around the room.

  • You like to be in a sitting position or on your feet.  You like to be a part of what is going on, I guess when you are laying down you feel like you are missing something.
  • You started eating oatmeal.  Maybe it will help you sleep thought the night?

  • You seem ready to crawl already!  You rock on all fours so I'm sure that crawling will be coming soon.
  • You. Adore. Your. Brother.
  • You will fall asleep anywhere if you're tired.  I guess Gavin still does, too.

  • You are a very active baby.  You love to be doing things and be entertained all the time.

  • You love to plank.  You do this all the time.  It is really quite funny.

  • You make owl noises constantly.  I don't know where this came from..

  • You talk back.  It's really quite funny.
We adore you and look forward to all the fun we are going to have as a family.  You are so fascinated by your brother - it is so cute!!

We love you so much, Jax!!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

It was time to decorate the Christmas tree once again and this year, we let Gavin select the color of the ornaments.  We usually do a red and silver tree, but Gavin's favorite color is blue, so it was a "Blue Christmas" in the Rogers household.  (It was kind of symbolic since my mom would always play Loretta Lynn's "Country Christmas" record during Christmastime when I was a child and "Blue Christmas" was one of my favorite songs.)  I didn't really get a chance to take many pictures during the decorating process since I was busy putting hooks on ornaments and keeping Jaxon entertained while Matt and Gavin decorated the tree.

Gavin insisted on hanging two blue ornaments together because he said they were "friends."  This provided us with quite a bit of entertainment.  Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a pair of blue balls dangling from a Christmas tree.

Gavin got to put the star on top of the Christmas tree...

We celebrated 25 Christmas' in this house, since it was my childhood home.  Little did we know that positive changes were on the horizon for our family in 2013 and that this was going to be the last Christmas we celebrated here.  So many happy memories, it's bittersweet...

November Happenings

November was a busy month for the Rogers family.  Gavin did his annual trip to the drag races with Daddy.  Grandpa was able to come too and they all had a great time!  Gavin even got a t-shirt signed by one of his favorite racers, Courtney Force.

Gavin and Grandpa

Gavin and Courtney Force

Gavin with his new dragster

November also brought the end of flag football.  *tear, tear*  Gavin got to celebrate with his team at a local pizza place.  They had trophy's and certificates for the players and Gavin was pretty excited about it.

We took the boys miniature golfing and Gavin even got a hole-in-one on the 18th so he won a free game!

Jaxon could not stop looking at his brother...

...even after we tried moving Gavin to the other side.
Of course November brought Thanksgiving as well, but I am always terrible about taking pictures on Thanksgiving.  I only took the camera out once and got a cute shot of Jaxon with his Uncle Jason.

We visited the beautiful Mission Inn for the Celebration of Lights.  It was our first time going during the actual "lighting" and it was crazy!  I don't think we'll go again until the kids are older.  It was beautiful, but just far too crowded and crazy with two small children.

Jaxon - Month Four

My sweet Jax,

You change so much every day.  I wasn't great about recording all of the little new things you were able to do, but by the time you reached four months, you had accomplished one major milestone:

  • You can roll over!!  I cried because I was at work when you did it for the first time, but we were able to catch it later on video.  You rolled over from back to tummy for your Aunt Kiki while she was watching you.  You had been working on it for a few days and were so close, but were finally able to accomplish it on Halloween day!  Here is the video:

  • You are finally okay with car rides!  Hooray!!!  After months of very stressful car rides with you crying every time, you are finally quiet and content.  Now this is a great milestone!!

Cuddling with Mommy

Visiting with Aunt JoAnne from Arizona

Mommy, Daddy, Jaxon, Uncle Scott, Gavin, and Aunt JoAnne

We love you so very much, Jaxon!  You bring so much joy to our family and we are so thankful to have two sweet boys!

We love you, Jax!!