Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jaxon's Birth Day!

We woke up early the morning July 11, anxious to meet our little man!  Matt and I packed up everything we needed for the hospital and got ready to leave shortly before 6 a.m.  Thankfully my brother and his boyfriend had spent the night so Gavin wouldn't have to wake up early and come with us.  They were going to get him ready and give him breakfast and then the three of them would come down to the hospital later that morning after Jaxon had arrived.

Right before we left, I had Matt take one last photo of my pregnant belly.

Once we checked in, we were brought to a tiny room where I was prepped for surgery.  I knew that my usual doctor (and the one who had done my c-section with Gavin) was on vacation, so Jaxon would be delivered by a different doctor.  I met with him a few days earlier and felt confident in his ability to do a great c-section delivery.  They began by hooking the I.V. up to my hand (one of the WORST parts for me!) and of course, the lovely catheter.  Then the waiting began...

And just as the time was about to arrive, I got told that I was getting pushed back an hour due to an emergency c-section.  Darn it!  Another hour would pass before I would get to hold my sweet baby boy in my arms and smother him with kisses.  To say I was excited is a complete understatement.  I was so eager to jump on the operating table so I could hear the sound of my sweet baby's cry and see his perfect little face.

My sister, Kristy, and Dad waiting for Jaxon to arrive
When the time finally arrived, I was wheeled into the operating room and injected with the spinal block.  Now, I don't know if it's the fact that I was having painful contractions with Gavin, or the fact that it was an emergency and everything was very rushed, or even the fact that it was three years ago and I just don't remember, but the spinal block seemed much worse than the epidural I received with Gavin.  I felt the agonizing pinch as the needle went into my spine and it seemed to be a painstakingly slow process.  Once that was done, I immediately felt tingling numbness shoot through my legs.  They laid me down on the table and let Matt in so he could be by my side. 9:12 a.m., Jaxon Matthew Rogers was born!  7 lbs 7 oz, 19-3/4 inches long and another incredible blessing in our lives!  He was almost the same size as Gavin was at birth - 7 lbs 9 oz and 18-1/2 inches long.

When I heard his tiny cry, I cried tears of joy!  And when I finally got to see his adorable face, I had tears streaming down mine.  I immediately felt so much love for this tiny little perfect being.  I was officially a mommy to two precious boys.  Two boys who will forever have my heart and who I will forever love unconditionally.  I knew at that moment that my mom was right -- I felt tremendous love for my sweet little Jaxon!

Jaxon's first bath

Happy Grandparents and Auntie

Bonding time with Daddy

One eye open

Cuddling with Uncle

Mommy's sweet boy

First family photo

Me and my two sweet boys!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

July 10, 2012 - The Night Before Jaxon's Birth Day

Being the super-procrastinator I have always been, I spent the night of July 10 rushing around to get everything prepared for our sweet little man to arrive.  I was determined to do things "right" this time around.  With Gavin, I didn't have a hospital bag prepared when my water broke in the middle of the night, so I was standing with a towel between my legs frantically directing Matt on what to pack.  In my haste, I neglected to pack a going home outfit for Gavin.  So, I will always regret the fact that my sweet boy came home in a regular onesie that my sister quickly picked up from the house for us.  I know, how awful, right?

So this time, I was much more prepared.  In addition to packing a hospital bag for Jaxon (along with my "Hospital Survival Kit" from Courtney), I had made a "Big Brother Bag" for Gavin (thank you, Pinterest).  I filled it with goodies such as snacks, toys, and books to keep him entertained while waiting in the hospital.  With all the excitement surrounding the birth of a new baby, I wanted to make sure that Gavin felt special, too.

I also used the leftover personalized kisses from my baby sprinkle to create little gifts for the nurses.  I think they came out pretty cute.

My final project was to design matching brother shirts for the boys.  Luckily, my father-in-law was able to transfer my designs to shirts and have them ready for me the night before.  That way, Gavin could wear his shirt to the hospital so everyone would know that he was going to be a big brother!

I went to bed that night so excited and anxious to meet my sweet Jaxon!  It was only a few hours away!

4th of July 2012

Our final 4th of July as a family of three!  It was only a week before Jaxon was scheduled to arrive.  We always have a party at our house because we have an amazing view of the fireworks from our front lawn and this year would not be any different.

I know I've said it before, but I love Pinterest.  This cute and simple little red, white, and blue snack idea was snagged from the wonderful website.

Thank you, Pinterest!

My happy little Patriotic boy

Looking so grown up!
It is not apparent from the picture below, but I was feeling really uncomfortable by this point.  Just a week away from Jaxon's arrival, I was really feeling the extra weight.  My feet constantly hurt and even got swollen this time around.  We were working 4-10's at work and I rarely made it through the entire week.  I couldn't get a good night's rest because whatever side I was laying on would start to go numb after a while and I would have to wake up to roll over.  And rolling over at 38 weeks pregnant is not an easy task - I would grunt and groan through the entire process.  And the pressure had to be the worst!  I felt that Jaxon was just going to pop his little head through at any moment.  So although this pregnancy was just as wonderful for the first 8 months as my pregnancy with Gavin, the final month (or final three weeks, rather), were really rough!

Our family of three...soon to be four!

Gavin playing football with Daddy

Baby Sprinkle

Once again, Matt's mom hosted a beautiful baby shower for me just a week and half before Jaxon was  scheduled to arrive.  (We are all thankful that he didn't arrive early!)  Since we had saved everything from when Gavin was a baby, there really wasn't too much more that we needed.  Therefore, rather than having another baby "shower," Patty (with some help from my good friend, Courtney) threw me an adorable mommy-themed blue and brown baby "sprinkle."  Everything was just adorable!  She really thought out all the details and made it a very special day for me.

Courtney made the adorable invitations and requested that guests bring a book rather than a card, to get Jaxon's library started.  I was so very pleased with the way they came out!

Here are some of the adorable details.  The cake was similar to one I had seen online and fell in love with!

Blue cake pops with brown sprinkles - yummy!

Brown and blue water bottles

Personalized kisses

More kisses

Matt's mom glued each ribbon to the bottom of these cups - so cute!

My corsage

The tables (before the food was put out)

Place settings

The beverage station

Rubber ducky punch

Me and my big belly with the cake table

The adorable cake!!

So cute!

I got such amazing gifts!  I am truly so blessed to have such a wonderful group of family and friends.  Just like Gavin, little Jaxon is already quite spoiled!

Jaxon got the cutest clothes!

His library is off to a good start!

I love onesies!!

Diaper cake made by my super-creative friend, Miky

Jaxon's first Bible

So many wonderful gifts

Lots of cute gift bags, too

A new space saver high chair from good friends, Jason and Jamie

"Most Eligible Bachelor" onesie

Lots of extra sheets - so great to have!

"My Auntie is the Best" from Aunt Evie, of course

Hospital Survival Kit from Courtney - had everything I could possibly need!

I had a wonderful day and am truly so thankful for my wonderful family and friends.  Matt's parents even bought us the Graco Duo Glider stroller that we wanted.  Since we kept just about everything from when Gavin was a baby, we really didn't need to buy much other than diapers!

Jamie (also pregnant!), Courtney, and Me

Some family and friends also thought of Gavin during the Baby Sprinkle, so he got several gifts as well.  He was very excited to open them once I got home.