Wednesday, September 8, 2010

17 Months Old

My sweet boy,

You continue to be the absolute highlight of my day. You always make me smile and I find that spending quality time with you makes me happier than anything in the world. You are a happy and silly little boy who brings joy to everyone you meet. I can't believe that you are almost a year-and-a-half! The time absolutely flew by and I am excited for what the future holds. Here are a few new things you can do this month:
  • You give kisses every time someone has a "boo-boo." Naturally, Daddy and I have constant "boo-boo's" and are in need of kisses all the time.
  • You still fall asleep in your highchair every now and then when you've had a long day.
  • You enjoy sitting in your rocking chair in your room. However, you must have the blue blanket that Grandma in Heaven made for you hanging over the back. If you rock too aggressively and it falls off, you have to stop to put it back on the back of the chair.
  • You know several body parts: nose, eyes, hair, mouth, cheeks, teeth, fingers, belly, toes, and ears.
"Gavin, where is your hair?"

"Where's your nose?"

"Where are your toes?"
  • You love to color on paper and in the bathtub.

  • You still love the outdoors and really enjoy going to the park. Although, you have eagle eyes and will spot every little speck and interesting thing on the ground and will want to pick things up. Yuck!

  • You know how to "flex" your muscles and will sometimes show off this skill to others. However, sometimes you choose not to show off your muscles because you don't want to intimidate people (which is completely understandable).

  • When we were at Barnes & Noble one day, you pointed to a mom with a baby and said, "Baby!"
  • You signed "water" in the tub one night and have been signing it any time you see water now. You are so smart!!
I love you so much, Gav!