Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2nd Birthday Party

To celebrate Gavin's 2nd birthday, we had a party at our house. It was the first time we had ever had such a big crowd at our house and we ordered a bouncer for the kids and had sandwiches, pizza, and various snacks for the guests. Unfortunately, I ended up spending most of the morning and the first 2 1/2 hours of the party at the E.R. due to a miscarriage. It was my second miscarriage and the timing was probably worse than my first, which was on my 26th birthday. I was very sad because not only had we been trying for baby #2, but I was missing my first baby's second birthday. But, I know that everything happens for a reason and we will just continue to try and hope that I will be pregnant again soon.

So, on a happier note, thanks to our wonderful and supportive family, Gavin's party went off without a hitch. He loved having his friends over and thoroughly enjoyed opening each gift. He received so many fun toys and cute clothes! We are so thankful for such wonderful friends and family! (Thanks to Dad S and Courtney for taking all the pictures, especially before I arrived!)

My Dad and good family friend, Dee, talking before the party

My sister, Matt's stepdad, and my Dad decorated the whole backyard in limited time!

The bouncer

Cute Costco cake

Sandwiches and pizza from Costco

Gavin enjoying the bouncer with his buddies

We got Gavin a sandbox for his birthday and it was a big hit the day of his party

Guests enjoying the party

More guests

And more guests

I finally arrived - straight from the E.R. to the backyard!

Guests watching Gavin blow out the candles on the cake

Family and friends

Matt cutting the cake

Gavin wanted to sample the cake

Ready to open gifts!

Opening gifts with a little help from some friends

Gavin was so focused

He loved all of his presents!

Carefully opening a card

Gavin even received money from good friends of ours

One of our best-dressed guests!

"Is gift opening time over???"

Putting some gifts away

At the end of the night, Gavin tried on the Lightening McQueen helmet he received as a gift and said, "Ride it, Grandpa's motorcycle!" It was so cute!

2 Years Old!

My sweet boy,

You are now 2 years old and what a wonderful 2 years it has been! You continue to be such a sweet, loving, intelligent, fun little guy! Every day with you brings new joys. You make Daddy and I laugh each day. You have the best personality and are happy almost all the time. Every night after I put you to bed, I walk away from your room smiling to myself and thinking, "It just doesn't get any better than this!" So, here are some new things about you this month:
  • Your new favorite show is Calliou and Daddy and I could probably recite some of the episodes because we've seen them so much!
  • I came home from work one day to find that you had gotten your first tattoo from your Aunt Evie. Oh boy!

  • Your favorite meal is "Pudder Jelly" (a.k.a. peanut butter and jelly).
  • Your vocabulary is growing so quickly. You have so many new words on a daily basis that Daddy and I can't even keep track anymore.
  • You love to help Daddy in the garage and constantly ask for screwdrivers with particular colored handles.
  • You are very good at using two-word phrases, such as "Help Mama."
  • You also use a lot of two-word phrases using the word "it" such as: "want it," "reach it," "have it," and "like it."
  • You love anything with wheels and will try to ride your toys even if you're just a bit too big!

I love you so much, Gav!