Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh A Hiking We Will Go

The day after Halloween, my friend Courtney invited me to go hiking with her up Mt. Rubidoux. I decided that I could definitely use the exercise, so I went for it. The mountain has a completely paved road all the way up to the top (so I guess "hiking" isn't really an appropriate term). But hey, to hear me describe it, you'd have thought I hiked Mt. Everest. But it was a lot of fun and we decided to try and go every weekend.

At the base of the mountain

The view from the top

I really did go all the way to the top!

We made it!

"And my dream is for world peace." ;o)

We had such a great time, that we actually did go the following weekend. But this time, I pushed my heavy little guy in his gigantic stroller all the way up! Gavin did a great job on his first hike. Ha ha!

Gavin and Mommy at the top of the mountain

After our hike we ran some errands and then we were tired!

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