Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9 Months Old

Gavin hanging out with his friend, Kadem, who is about 3 1/2 months younger than Gav. What a difference a few months makes!

Grandpa bought a '64 Chevelle that he brought over on Thanksgiving. Gavin enjoyed hanging out in the car.

Well, Gav, we have been super busy these past few weeks, so you are already a month older since my last post. Today you are officially 9 months old. I really don't know where the time has gone. You are such a joyful baby and you are absolutely the sunshine in our lives. You will get to celebrate your very first Christmas this year and we are so excited about that! However, I have a feeling that if we wrapped up our tupperware you would be just as excited as if we purchased new toys. You are quite easy to please. Let's just hope that continues throughout your teen years. Ha!

Here is some info about you this month:
  • You are extremely vocal, you love to just jibber jabber all the time
  • You like to growl and make grunting noises, too
  • You are definitely all-boy and enjoy hitting everything and knocking things over
  • You have recently discovered that you enjoy head-butting as well, particularly when you do it into mommy or daddy's chest
  • You have finally given-in and began eating rice cereal with water
  • You still despise peas and aren't too fond of baby food at all, you will really just take milk or cereal (we would be concerned, but your little ham-hocks give us reason to believe that you are not malnourished!)
  • You are not crawling yet, but we think you may just skip this step altogether and move right into walking because you really enjoy "standing" (with a little help from mommy or daddy)
  • You smile all the time and laugh constantly
  • You like to hang upside down and will often laugh when doing so
  • You put everything in your mouth, so we have to be very careful; you especially love to suck on your socks and are often found wearing just one because you always pull one off
  • We think you must be teething but you still don't have any teeth
  • You are going through a sort of clingy stage where you sometimes get upset if I am not close by
  • You love to swing at the park and will smile almost the entire time you are in the swing
  • You enjoy bath time, especially when you splash water everywhere!
    • You are definitely an out-doorsy guy, you are happiest when you are outside, regardless of the weather
    • You are stretching out of your 9-month clothing and fitting snuggly in 12-month sizes
    • You find car rides very relaxing and will often fall asleep during the trips
    • You love, love, love the "Gummy Bear Song" on YouTube and make hilarious facial expressions when watching it

    But most of all, you continue to be the most wonderful thing to ever happen to Daddy and I and we love you more than you will ever know! You are such a sweet and happy baby and we are truly blessed to have you in our lives. We love you, Gav!!


    1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe how big he's getting. And you're right, this Christmas season will be fun to watch him with all the lights and glitz and pretty paper.

    2. so cute and such a big guy!!!!! I hope he enjoys his first Christmas!!!

    3. LOVE all the pictures. he has grown SO much and looks wonderful. I love those chubby happy cheeks. My fav is the one of him standing by the table or watching basketball. I hope that all three of you have a wonderful Christmas. *We regifted a toy that Alexis had for Aiden's first christmas and he LOVED it as if it was brand new. You can only get away with that for a short time* :)

    4. Grandma Loves these photos! What a cutie pie! :-)

    5. He's so cute! Love all his facial expressions! It's so fun to watch him grow up along with Riley. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!