Wednesday, May 25, 2011

25 Months Old

My sweet boy,

You continue to amaze Daddy and I everyday with the new things you know. Your vocabulary is so advanced - you impress us so much! You mean the world to us and we are always saying how incredibly thankful we are to have such a wonderful child. You are so much fun and can always bring a smile to our faces. We love you more than you could ever possibly know and we look forward to what is to come! Here are some new things about you this month:
  • You understand the meaning of presents and you really enjoyed opening your birthday gifts.

  • I asked you if you wanted me to have another baby and you said, "Help Mama, baby, screwdriver." So I guess that means that you are going to "help" me by using a screwdriver on your next sibling! Ha!
  • You helped me make a batch of brownies and have discovered that you love helping in the kitchen. You move the chair up to counter every chance you get now!

  • You are just like your Daddy and the two of you share a love of hot rods, drag racing, and anything fast! Daddy took you to the drag boat races and you had a great time. You were excited to leave and see the "hot rod boats" that morning.

  • You have really been enjoying your new sandbox that we got you for your birthday.

  • You are so smart! We bought you a Cars race track that has the Mack truck stuck to the track so the cars can race through his trailer portion. Well, you decided that you wanted Mack removed from the track so you could play with him and I told you that Mack was stuck to the track. You looked at me with this concerned look and said, "Mack stuck?" Then you handed it back to me and said, "New one." I guess you thought you had a defective one!
  • You still love your McQueen car and will drive it at every opportunity.

  • While talking to Grandpa C on the phone, the call was dropped and I said that we lost Grandpa. After we called him back, you said, "Grandpa missing." And for weeks after that, every time you saw Grandpa, you insisted that he was still missing!
  • You received a McQueen toddler bed from Grandpa C for your birthday and you have been sleeping in it ever since. The first two nights, you were a bit unsure about it, but you love it now! You enjoy being able to climb in and out on your own.

  • When you saw a picture of yourself, you said, "Awwww! Cute!" I definitely agree with you!
  • When I told you that we were going to visit your cousins, you said, "Ahhhh!!! 'Cited!!!" (Translation: Excited!!) It was so cute!
  • You are very artistic and you have recently discovered a love of painting. Your received water color paints from your cousins for your birthday and you love using them!

  • You put your velcro sneakers on all by yourself! They were even on the right feet!
  • After you woke up one morning, you said, "Nice nap." I'm glad you enjoy a good night's rest - just like your Mommy!
  • While snuggling in the recliner with me one day, you said, "Ahh, comfy!" I like being comfy with you, too!
  • You have an amazing memory. We were playing a game of memory one day and when you turned over the picture of the flower, you said, "Dada flowers home. Swing." You were talking about the day that you and I were on the front porch swing waiting for Daddy to get home and when he arrived, he had a bouquet of flowers for me.
  • While reviewing your flash cards, once you saw the scissors, you said, "Careful! Mama do it." You understand the rules that Daddy and I have taught you about scissors. You then said the same thing when you saw the flash card with the butter knife. You're so smart!
  • Once again, while reviewing flash cards, when we got to the butterfly, you said, "Butterfly, cute!"
You are just so smart and your vocabulary is truly incredible! We love you so much, Gav! Thank you for making it so fun to be your parents!

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