Friday, January 11, 2013


Ever since Gavin began talking, people have constantly commented on his amazing verbal skills.  He has an extremely advanced vocabulary and people are always shocked when they learn how old he is because they assume he's older.  So, it's confirmed, my son is a genius.

Everything he says just truly melts my heart and makes me so thankful that I am his mommy.  Here are a few sweet "Gavinisms" from the month after his 3rd birthday.

I was having a particularly tough night thinking about my mom and was crying over it.  Gavin laid next to me, rubbed his little hand on my arm, and said in the sincerest little voice, "Don't cry, Mama.  It breaks my heart."

Gavin and I were talking about working out and eating healthy:
Me: "Is Subway healthy?"
Gavin: "Uh-huh."
Me: "...And is a cookie healthy?"
Gavin: "No.  It's a treat, remember?"

Gavin asked about the rain, so we had a little conversation about it.  The end of it went like this:
Me: "Why are the clouds holding water?"
Gavin: "The water goes up from the ocean and then the clouds squeeze it out!"

I told Gavin that he wasn't supposed to eat candy before dinner and he said, "I'm sorry, Mama.  It wasn't my fault.  My tummy just said, 'I want candy!' [in a deep, manly voice]."

Gavin wanted me to get him something from the kitchen and he said to me, "Come on, Mama.  Come on, sweetheart."  Ha ha!

I love my little man!

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