Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gavin's 1st Christmas

We celebrated Gavin's first Christmas this year and of course that meant LOTS of presents and time with loved ones. It has been always been my family's tradition to open gifts on Christmas Eve so this year my dad and siblings came to our house and Gavin opened his first Christmas gifts. However, he seemed much more interested in the paper and boxes than anything else!

Christmas at the Rogers'

Gavin surrounded by some of his gifts

Fascinated by the wrapping paper

Enjoying a new toy

The next day was Christmas, and in Matt's family, the tradition is to start the day with a delicious Christmas breakfast. Afterwards, Gavin and his two cousins opened gifts and had a great time!

Gavin and his cousin, Adia


  1. Looks like Gavin had a great first Christmas! Great pics -- he's such a cutie!!

  2. You were on my heart and in my prayers on Christmas, Kelly. I know this Christmas was filled with lots of emotions - 1st Christmas for Gavin, 1st Christmas without your Mom.

    Happy to see pictures of Gavin on his 1st Christmas, he's getting so big!!!