Saturday, January 16, 2010

10 Months Old

My sweet Gav,

You are officially 10 months old! I can't believe in just two short months you will already be a year old! In the past month, you have really "grown up" a lot. You are beginning to lose your "baby" look and starting to look more like a toddler. It is both wonderfully exciting and sad at the same time. You are such a loving, wonderful baby. Being your mommy is the best job in the world! Here are some new things about you this month:

  • You are now on the move - you began crawling on New Year's Eve - when you were 9 1/2 months old and you took to it like a fish to water! You crawl all over the place now and are loving your new mobility.
  • You still enjoy drinking from a straw and make the cutest faces when you do so.
  • You are very intrigued by power cords and seem to crawl straight for them whenever they are in sight.
  • You are great at pulling yourself up to a complete stand and do this often.
  • You love the wicker baskets in our coffee table and will pull them all out and play with them for quite some time.
  • You are still a picky eater and haven't yet developed a taste for any baby food other than rice cereal and oatmeal.
  • You still don't have any teeth but I'm sure they will be here any day now.
  • You enjoy looking out of the slider in the living room, especially when Bocephus is outside.
  • We tried giving you a sippy cup this month and you seem to like it and will drink a little water from it.
  • You love to dance and will shake your booty almost anytime music is present.

  • You have the cutest little closed-mouth smile and will often display it when looking at me or daddy (including when we tell you "no" because you seem to think it will get you what you want - ha ha!)

I am truly enjoying every moment with you and look forward to what's to come. I love you, Gav!


  1. Wait, there is NO way he will be one in two months. I am on the other side of the country and it seems like it has flown by, I can't imagine how you feel as mommy! But, it is hard to believe that Adalynn is closer to 3 than 2! Time goes way to fast. Enjoy every minute!!!!

  2. Where does the time go?? He is getting big and loosing some of his baby look. He looks awesome, Dr M did a great job!

  3. He is absilutely and completely the sweetest. Unreal how fast time goes. You have a little heartbreaker on your out now!