Monday, March 22, 2010

One Year Old

My sweet Gav,

You are now a year old! I still can't believe that my baby is no longer considered a "baby," but is now entering the "toddler" phase (although you are not quite "toddling" around on your own yet). You seemed to have grown up overnight. You have become such a fun little guy with tons of personality (and a bit of a stubborn streak).

Here are some new things about you this month:
  • You learned how to wave. You haven't quite mastered the timing yet, as you often wave to Daddy after he has already left or when he's been home for half and hour, but hey, at least you're waving.
  • Your now have a full head of hair and it looks crazy in the morning when you first wake up!
  • You have learned to clap your hands and use this new skill every time you feel you are deserving of an applause (which is frequently).
  • Several times a day, you shake your head "no." Hmmm... it couldn't possibly be because you see Mommy and Daddy do it all the time, right?
  • You have gone from just being merely interested in what we are eating to wanting to share everything on our plates. You have decided that baby food is for babies and you want nothing to do with it.
  • You are very mobile and although you are not walking on your own yet, you hold onto anything and everything to walk your way around the house.
  • You have figured out how to feed yourself finger foods and enjoy your newfound independence.
  • I have weaned you from nursing and you have switched over to whole milk. The transition was a bit of a struggle at first, but actually went easier than I had thought.
  • You continue to make the cutest faces and crack us up with your silliness.
  • You are enjoying spending time with Daddy during the day now since he is working nights, and the two of you are developing a very special bond.
  • You finally got your first tooth! It is your upper left tooth and you are very good about letting Mommy or Daddy gently brush it with the finger brush.
  • You love the throwing your toys across the tile floor and hearing the sound they make. No one else seems to enjoy the sound as much as you do.
  • You have figured out how to use your Jeep walker and will move all over the tile floor in it. You love the fact that it has a steering wheel because you like to turn it quickly with your eyes tightly shut. (I hope you don't drive like that when you're older!)
  • You enjoy pulling out the pots and pans and sliding them across the tile floor as well.
  • You still love bath time, but aren't as fond of the actual washing part. You prefer the playing part more than anything.
  • You have transitioned into the big-boy car seat and enjoy your new view in the car.
  • Finally, you have developed a little ornery streak and have begun throwing temper tantrums where you will kick your legs, arch your back and bang your head into the nearest thing. This sometimes means you will bang your little head into the window, TV, chair, floor, or even me or Daddy!
But even with your ornery side, you are still an incredible joy and you just absolutely melt my heart. You are the sweetest, happiest, most loving little guy and your Daddy and I love you to pieces! So thank you, Gav, for making our first year as parents truly wonderful. Being your Mommy is the best job in the world!

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