Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1st Birthday Party

The invite I created for Gavin's party:

We celebrated Gavin's birthday with family and a few close friends at our house the Saturday after his big day. It was a fun-filled day and Gav had a great time! He loved opening all of his gifts and spending time with loved ones. Here are some pictures from the event:

Gavin's First Cake

His own personal cake

Spending some time with Mommy

"Is it time to open presents yet?"

Pappaw, Gavin, and Daddy

"Hooray! A gift card!"

Gavin enjoying his gifts

So much for cleaning it before he used it... oh, well...

Grandma Stude helping Gavin with his gifts

"I love my new car!"

Friends, Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, and Parents

Friends at the party

Family and friends

So many presents!

The Cozy Coupe!!

Poor guy was tired after a few hours of partying

I didn't even know if he'd stay awake for some cake

"Hmmm... this is pretty good."

"Yeah, I think I like this."

"Here Daddy, you want some?"

"I've had enough!"

All cleaned up and enjoying some bubbles!

Trying out his new toys

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  1. LOVE the invite! You did such a great job on it. Looks like everyone, especially Gavin, had a great time. So hard to believe that he is already one year old. I hope you have taken the time to sit back and marvel at how far you have come, as his mommy, and all you have gone through in regards to his cleft, the uncertainties, the surgery and recovery . You should be proud of this wonderful milestone and of how strong you are to have come through this first year. WTG! Praying that both he and you have many more blessed years.