Monday, April 5, 2010

Gavin's New Wheels

Gavin was so excited about the Cozy Coupe that he received for his birthday that he practically lived in it for the next few days. He wanted to be in it every waking moment and trying to pry him away for meals and naps was like pulling teeth. I picked out the blue sunglasses for his birthday and Matt said there was no way Gavin would wear them, let alone leave them on. But ha! Gav proved him wrong and wore his racing googles for hours. He just looked too cute!!

After spending an entire day riding around the backyard in his new car, we made Gavin come in for a quick dinner break and then we gave him a change of scenery and took a family trip to our local park. Once again, Gav was all smiles and had a great time cruising around in his new wheels.

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  1. Great pics!!! I think every kid needs a Cozy Coupe. By the time we had a place big enough for Aiden to have one he was getting too big and independent for one, so we moved him up to a big boy tricycle instead. I miss the coupe pics though. The goggles are adorable too. Aiden LOVES his sunglass, though he wears them upside down all the time. :) Hope you have a blessed week.