Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Sweet Goodnight

Our nighttime routine is as follows - bath, drying off/pajamas, story time in the glider rocker, and then I sing “Gavin, Gavin, My Sweet Boy” as I lay Gavin in his crib. I cover him up and continue singing the song softly as I shut the door and walk down the hall. That way, I figured, he would hear his song softly fading away and it wouldn’t end abruptly. However, recently I decided that there would come a time when I would need to just finish the song, say “good night,” and close the door. So, I gave it a shot. On one particular night, I finished the song, then I gently rubbed Gavin's head and said, “Good night, I love you” as I walked to the door. His little head shot up and I thought, “uh oh, he’s not going to go to sleep now.” But, he gave me the biggest, open-mouth smile and waved “bye-bye” to me! It was the sweetest thing!! I literally had to hold my hand to my heart to keep it from melting out of my chest! Ever since that night, I am able to finish the song and lay him down and our bedtime routine continues to go so smoothly!

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