Monday, February 14, 2011

A Growing Team of Angels

Shortly after Christmas, we received the devastating news that Matt's Mamaw had passed away. Since Papaw passed in early October, Mamaw just wasn't the same. Some say she grieved herself to death. The two of them shared a love that was so strong and wonderful that they had truly become one. It was almost impossible to say one of their names without the other - they were always "Papaw and Mamaw." They adored each other and spent every waking moment together. Visiting them was always so much fun because they had great stories to share and were just such a joy to be around. They absolutely loved spending time with their great-grandchildren and cherished every moment with them. I remember our last visit with Mamaw, she was just watching Gavin with such love in her eyes and she laughed as she said that she just loves how he walks. She said that he looks like such a little man when he walks rather than a toddler. But it was still clear from the look in her eyes that there was a great sadness within her because Papaw wasn't there to enjoy Gavin with her.

Mamaw was a strong and beautiful woman. She stood by Papaw's side over the years and was a devoted wife, great homemaker, loving mother and grandmother. She was so beautiful - her hair and make-up was always just so (a quality I wish I could pick up!). When we were over to visit, she made sure a good meal or snacks were available and her house was always tidy. She had many qualities that I find so admirable. The world has truly lost an amazing woman, but Heaven has gained a remarkable angel. I am comforted knowing that Gavin now has another guardian angel to watch over him. We love you, Mamaw!

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