Monday, June 20, 2011

Craniofacial Team Visit

On April 25, we had another craniofacial team appointment. We were scheduled to meet with four team members, but the plastic surgeon was absent, so we just met with the speech pathologist, dentist, and pediatrician.

Once we walked in the building, Gavin quickly realized where we were and his fear of doctors set in. He began crying, "Go home! Go home!" He was terrified and the mommy in me just wanted to scoop him up and drive home as quickly as we could. I was holding him and telling him that it was going to be okay, but he wouldn't calm down. The other parents were giving me looks like they were hoping we would leave, and honestly, I wanted to thumb my nose at them! We waited about 45 minutes before going in and once we were alone in the room, Gavin was fine. He was in good spirits as long as no "doctors" were in there with us. Since his speech is so amazing, I was anxious to hear what Heather--the speech pathologist--was going to say this time. Unfortunately, Heather was out on maternity leave so we saw someone new. However, after asking some questions and hearing Gavin talk a bit, she determined that he is definitely advanced with his speech and is on the high end for everything speech-related. Woo-hoo, Gavin!! I was so proud of him. I knew his speech was pretty amazing, but to hear a speech pathologist confirm it was very nice. She said that he should be saying 2-3 word sentences by this time and he was saying 5-7 word sentences!

Later, we saw the dentist, who said that everything looked good and that we should continue brushing his teeth twice a day.

Our final visit was the pediatrician. However, Gavin was ready to go home before he arrived. I told him that we still had to see one more doctor and our conversation went like this:

Gavin: "Doctor go?" (Translation: Where did the doctor go?)
Me: "I don't know, bud. He should be here in a minute."
Gavin: "Doctor hungry, he go home. Eat burrito - beans and cheese."

I laughed hysterically! I couldn't believe he was actually trying to get me to believe that the doctor went home to eat so we'd better just go home ourselves. What a smart little guy!! Then, when the doctor arrived a few moments later, Gavin quickly ran over to the little kid-sized chair, laid his head down and made snoring noises! So I said, "I'm sorry, Dr. Elmendorf, Gavin's sleeping, I guess you can't visit with him today." He found that quite humorous! When I told him about the burrito story, he laughed so hard and asked, "Are you sure he's only two?" He said that for someone who just turned two to be making up stories is remarkable. He said he was going to share the burrito story with his wife later because she would just love it.

Once we got down to business, Dr. Elmendorf said that Gavin should be taking a multi-vitamin (which he is now doing). Also, after sharing my recent discovery of my hearing loss, he told me that research has shown that certain types of hearing loss have been linked to a chromosomal defect. Therefore, I may have inherited the hearing loss from my mom, who may have inherited it from her dad (both wore hearing aids), and unfortunately, there is a chance that I may pass it on as well. At this point, I hear well enough that I don't feel hearing aids are necessary, so I guess only time will tell when it comes to my hearing. And, Gavin seems to hear just fine at this point, so once again, time will tell.

Anyway, overall it was a good team visit. Getting confirmation from two of the team members that Gavin is advanced was very nice! I knew he was a genius, but it's always nice when others recognize it as well (hee hee!). I just hope the team visits will get easier on Gavin as he gets older.

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