Saturday, August 20, 2011

28 Months Old

My sweet boy,

I am once again behind on my milestone post. I know that I have missed several new things that you can do on your previous milestones posts, so I'm hoping to include those now, even though many of them are things you have been doing for a few months now. You are just so incredibly smart and so much fun! Daddy and I love you so very much and are so thankful for all the joy you bring to our lives! So, here are some new (and some not-so-new) things about you at 28 months:
  • You can count to 10 now without skipping 4, and I have even heard you go as high as 13 a few times.
  • About two months ago, you were able to recognize three letters: B, I, and O. You've actually known the letter "B" for several months, but the other two are more recent. I don't know what it was about the letter "B" that you liked, but every time you saw one, you would proudly say, "B!"
    Riding a bike with Jason

  • You are familiar with a few shapes. You can recognize a heart, diamond, and circle. You have known heart and diamond for a few months, but circle seems to be fairly new.
  • You are very specific. If you are holding a toy and I say, "Oh is that your car?" You will reply with, "No, it's not my car. It's my orange hot rod." Oh excuuuuuuse me. I try to pay attention to those details when I talk to you now.
    Washing your Cozy Coupe

  • While reading My First 123's, I said, "One unicycle." And you replied, "It's missing a bike!" You are just so clever!
  • While helping me clean the shower one day, you climbed in and left dirty little footprints all over and you said, "Left paw-prints!" It was so cute!
    Mr. Cool

  • One day, as you and Daddy were getting ready to leave in the Chevelle for a car show, you waved to me and said, "Bye, Mama. Come and visit!" Daddy and I laughed so hard!
  • I was hanging clothes in the closet one day and you walked upstairs looking for me. Just when I walked out of the closet, you said, "Oh. I didn't see you there." The things you say are just so funny!
  • After a car show one day, as I was putting you to bed, you said, "I had a goooood day!" It was so sweet to hear you say that and I was particularly impressed with the fact that you truly understood what it meant to have a "good day."
  • I don't know what you were looking at exactly when you said this, but one day you picked up my cell phone and said, "Hmmmm..... that's weird." What a funny statement for a 2-year-old to say!
  • You refer to UPS as "PS" because you think the "U" is for "you." Whenever we get a delivery (which is almost daily due to parts arriving for Daddy's job), you will say, "It's just PS."
    Proudly displaying a new shirt from Daddy

  • You were being particularly ornery one evening so I asked, "Why are you grumpy?" And your reply: "I'm not grumpy. I'm Gavin."
  • Your favorite show for the past few months is "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse." You like to watch it in the morning with Daddy when you first wake up. You know all the characters and you like to sing along with the opening song.
  • You love to take "niiiice naps" with Daddy and I (and we love them just as much!).
    Napping with Mommy
    Napping with Daddy

  • Your favorite book is one that was given to you at an auto parts store while you were there with Daddy one day. It is called, Custom Cars, and was made in 1968. Daddy changed the words to "Hot Rods" instead and so now wherever it says "custom cars" in the book, I have to say, "hot rods," or you get very upset at my "mistake." It was one of several old library books that had been donated to the parts store and you have decided that you want to read that book every single night now when it is bedtime. I even try to bribe you with other books, but to no avail. One night when I asked what you wanted to read, you said, "Hot rod book, of course." I told you that we are going to buy a new one because I am really burnt out on that one (I could probably recite it in my sleep) and being that it's from the 60's, it has a phrase or two that are not really politically correct. Hopefully we find a new hot rod book soon.

  • Spending time with your cousins
You are so much fun, Gav! We absolutely love you to pieces and look forward to all the fun times to come!

I love you, Gav!!

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