Wednesday, September 7, 2011

29 Months Old

My sweet boy,

You are now 29 months old!  You are so incredibly smart and easy-going.  We are so very thankful to have such a wonderful son.  It seems like everywhere we go, you are a star!  People constantly comment on how amazing your speech is, how well-behaved you are, and just how stinkin' cute you are!  Everyday you continue to amaze us with your intelligence.  I already know that I will need to make sure you are challenged when you start school because I want you to sustain your love of learning.  That being said, here are some new things about you this month:

  • You refer to "going to bed" as "taking a bed."  Somehow you have intermingled "taking a nap" with "going to bed" so at night when you know bedtime is near, you will say, "I'm not taking a bed."

  • You continue to love reading.  You will even select books to read by yourself when you're in the mood.

  • You are very social and love playing with your friends every chance you get.
  • At about 28 1/2 months, you recited your alphabet all by yourself!  (Well, minus a few letters, but how important are those letters, really?)  Your alphabet goes something like this: A, B, C, D, F, G, H, I, K, O, P, Q, R, S, Y, Z!  Only 10 letters short.  Not too bad for 28 months old!

  • You love to play pretend.  You will pretend that we are eating and bring us "food."  You often say that you are "picking berries" from the headboard on our bed and then you will give them to me and Daddy.  One day, after I picked you up from the Kids Club at the gym, you told me on the way home that you had money for me that you had found there.  I instantly got nervous and thought, oh no!  You found someone's money and you took it and now we have to bring it back!  However, once you reached into your little pocket and handed me the "money," I realized you were just pretending.  Phew!
  • Some of your favorite phrases include: "Hold on a second!"  "It's actually..."  "Hey, where's my...?"

  • You make some really funny faces.  (You may have gotten that from me...  ha ha!)
  • While Daddy was away on a guys trip one weekend, I let you sleep in my bed with me and I noticed that there was a light coming from the closet.  I said, "Is the closet light on?" (just thinking out loud, really) and you replied, "It sure is!"  Ha!  What a funny thing for a 2-year-old to say.
  • We are still reading the "Hot Rod Book" every single night, but now you have heard it so many times, you have begun to memorize parts of it.  One night while reading, I was leaving out a phrase or two from each page and you were filling in the blanks!  I couldn't believe you knew so much of the book!
  • You continue to be extremely specific.  For example, if I find one of your little Matchbox cars and comment on the fact that it is your car, you will correct me and say, "It's actually my green hot rod."  Oh, excuuuuuuuse me.
  • You also continue to be a very sweet and loving little boy.  You will give Daddy or I a hug out of the blue and say, "I love you to pieces forever!"  It absolutely melts our hearts!
Every night after I tuck you in, I smile and say to myself, "It doesn't get any better than this!"  You are absolutely the most amazing son.  Daddy and I constantly want to pinch ourselves because we just can't believe how very blessed we are to have you for our son.  You are so loving, intelligent, and just an all-around easy and fun kid.  We are thankful for every moment with you and look forward to all the moments to come.

I love you to pieces, forever, Gav!

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