Monday, September 5, 2011

First Class Pizza Car Show

One of the things we love doing as a family is going to car shows.  One that we particularly enjoy is a small local show at First Class Pizza in Riverside.  It is the first Sunday of every month and the pizza place is owned by a former co-worker of mine so I enjoy going to support her.  Unfortunately, Matt's Chevelle has had an oil leak so we haven't been able to bring it to any shows recently.  However, my Dad let us drive his '64 Chevelle to First Class Pizza show a few weeks ago while he drive another car.  It was the 3-year anniversary of the opening of the pizza place, so they had a band, raffles, and other giveaways.  Of course, Gavin was thrilled to go because he loves going to car shows.

Gavin saw an old VW Bus and said, "Like Fillmore!"  (Fillmore, being the VW Bus from the Cars movie.)  The owners thought that was pretty funny.  Then, he saw this old Ford Model T and said that it looked like Lizzie (the 1923 Ford Model T also from Cars).  Pretty smart kid!

After we browsed around the show for a while, we enjoyed some good food at First Class Pizza.

Gavin was fascinated (and I was too) by this Rat Rod.  He loved inspecting the motor.

Later, Gavin checked out some before and after pics of a 1940 Buick.  I love how he really takes an interest in all things "cars."

Toward the end of the show, we all just relaxed and tried to stay out of the sun while they announced the winners.

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