Friday, October 14, 2011

30 Months Old

My sweet boy,

You are now 30 months old!  I don't even like saying that because it sounds so grown-up.  You are already such an intelligent, fun, loving boy; people are always astonished when they learn that you are only 2 years old.  You continue to amaze everyone with your incredible speech and brilliant ideas.  You are also a complete ham and you make us laugh everyday.  In just one short month, you will be half-way through two-years-old and three will be just around the corner.  So, my soon-to-be-two-and-a-half year old, here are some new things and cute stories about you this month:

  • You can now recite almost your whole alphabet!  You kind of merge E and F, skip J, L is more like "ewe" and skip M, but other than that, everything sounds great!!  Considering just a month ago you were skipping 10 letters and now you're only skipping 2 - that's amazing!!  I am so very proud of you, Gav!!
Kicking it in the back seat
  • After your bath one day, I did something for you and you said, "Thanks, Mom."  (Yes, "Mom" - not "Mama" or "Mommy," it was just "Mom" - I felt like I was talking to a teenager!)  So I smiled at you and said, "You're welcome, son."  You stared at me for a minute and said, "You have nice teeth."  Ha ha ha!!  What a funny thing for a 2-year-old to notice!
Playing in the water
  • We keep a large water jug with a spout in the fridge and one day you told me that our water was in a "gas tank."
  • Whenever we thank you for help with a project or a chore, you reply with, "Anytime."
Making Mozzarella Sticks (with cauliflower)
  • You were singing along to the song, "If I Die Young," by The Band Perry and I said, "Good singing, Gavin."  To which you replied, "Thanks.  It's my favorite song."  It really is a beautiful song, but probably not one I'd imagine my 2-year-old would select as a favorite.  Maybe I should start playing nursery rhymes in the car?
Making Peanut Butter & Banana Muffins (with cauliflower)

  • You love going to the Kid's Club at the gym while Daddy and I work out, and one day, you were anxiously waiting for Daddy to take you.  He told you to wait a minute while he checked his e-mail and you said, "Daddy, you're being ridiculous."  Really???  What 2-year-old says, "Ridiculous" and uses it the right context??  I'm baffled.
Making Banana Bread (also with cauliflower)

  • You love to help me in the kitchen (not that I'm in it all that often).  However, based on the pictures I took this month, you would think that I'm quite the cook.  In reality, I am desperately trying to get you to eat more so I purchased Jessica Seinfeld's books, Deceptively Delicious and Double Delicious which involve pureeing veggies and "hiding" them in the meals.  I was so excited by this idea that I actually spent three days in a row in the kitchen.  This was a record for me.  And having you there with me made it more fun and I think most of the meals we have tried have been successful.  There were few that we won't do again (such as the chocolate pudding with avocado that you threw up - twice), but for the most part, the recipes seem to be pretty good and you really enjoy helping.  (A future chef, perhaps??)
High-five from Daddy

Watching the ball...

So proud!

"Did I make it?"

Happy to have your turn again!

Daddy showing you what to do

You beat me by 18 points!!!

Me and you!  Love you to pieces, Gav!!
  • You are a very active child and love all types of sports, including bowling.  So, we took you bowling for the second time in your two-and-(almost) a-half years and you had a great time!  We had so much fun bowling as a family and look forward to doing it again.  However, I am such a terrible bowler, that you actually beat me!!  {I'm so embarrassed...}

Daddy and I just absolutely love you to pieces, Gav!  You are truly the most wonderful son and we are so very thankful for you everyday.  You make our lives so much happier and we are excited for what the future holds.

Love you to pieces, forever, Gav!!

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