Sunday, March 18, 2012

32 Months Old

My sweet boy,

Although I am still so very far behind on posting, I try to keep track of funny stories and things you do so that I can post them on the blog.  At this point, it is mainly funny things you do and say that I am keeping track of, since you do not have as many major milestones now.  The most remarkable thing continues to be your speech!  You speak so well that anytime Daddy or I take you somewhere, people comment on how amazing your speech is.  For only being 2 1/2, people are astonished to hear you hold complete conversations and use words some adults don't even know!  We are so incredibly proud of you, Gav!  You are such a good kid!  Here are some new things about you this month:

Wearing Mommy's boots
  • While you were trying to put your ice pack away, it slipped out of the freezer and landed on the floor and you said, "That's the funniest thing I've seen in my whole life!"  Really???  The funniest thing?  Wow, kiddo, if that's the funniest thing you've seen, Daddy and I really have to get you out more!
  • One day, you said to me, "I like you.  You're pretty."  It was the sweetest thing!  Hearing "you're pretty" from you made me feel like the prettiest woman in the world!

A grainy phone pic of you sleeping
  • When you got hurt one day, you said, "The boo-boo ruined my day..." in the saddest little voice.  Ha!  You really crack us up!
  • You were particularly gassy one glorious day and I told you that you were quite the "tooty-booty" to which you promptly replied, "I'm not a tooty-booty, I'm a Gaaaaaaavin!"  Oh, excuuuuuse me, you're "a" Gavin.  I'll make sure to get it right next time.
The "Mad Hatter"
  • You are very interested in knowing where everything comes from and one day you asked Daddy where his big white truck came from.  He told you it came from the Chevy dealership and you replied, "Oh.  It was little like your blue truck and then it got BIG!"  (You were referring to Daddy's little blue Chevy S-10 for work and his huge white Chevy Silverado with gigantic tires for daily use.)  I guess you think all things start off little and get bigger.
  • We often tell you that we love kisses from our "little man" and one day, you gave Daddy a kiss and said, "I love kisses from my little Dada!"  It was too sweet!
Driving Grandpa's Chevelle at the True Connections Car Show
Enjoying the view

Happy to be at a car show

You love hot rods!
  • You love to help me with laundry and while transporting a pile of clothes one day, I said, "Oh, I dropped the socks."  So you replied, "It's okay, Mama.  It was an accident."  Phew!  Thanks, Gav.  I was worried there for a minute.
  • One morning, you said to me, "I love you, you know why?"  And when I asked why, you said, "'Cause you're the best!"  I think my heart melted right out of my chest!
  • When you are done eating, you will tell me, "I'm full - see?" and show me your "full" tummy.  I love it!
"I'm full, Mama.  See?"
  • After cuddling one day, you told me that you wanted to cuddle again another time and of course, I said that we could.  So you replied, "That sounds great" in the sweetest little voice.  I just adore your phrases!
  • While jogging quickly into the house with you in my arms one day, you gave me some very sound advice.  You said, "Don't run while you're holding me, you might drop me!  Walk slooooooowly."
Happy to go to the drag races with Daddy!
You and Daddy
  • I was having a tough time making the cheesecake for Aunt Evie's birthday and feeling very frustrated and overwhelmed.  Luckily, you were there to cheer me up when you told me that you were going to go to the store and get me some "new patience."  Wow, you always know exactly what I need!
You are such an amazing kid, Gav.  Daddy and I love you so much!!  Thank you for being such an easy-going, intelligent, wonderful child.  We cherish every day with you and look forward to all the days to come!

I love you, Gav!!

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