Sunday, March 18, 2012

Visiting the Dentist

After visiting the dentist at 18 months, they requested that you be seen again a year later at 2 1/2.  Well, that time came and you had your second visit to the dentist.  Your first visit was a difficult one, since you were still terrified of doctors and screamed the entire time.  However, this visit went much better and you did amazingly well!!  I was so very proud of you!  You let the hygienist clean the "sugar bugs" off of your teeth and then let them do x-rays.  You are even looking forward to your next visit and always enjoy brushing the "sugar bugs" off your teeth at home.  Hooray!

Waiting for the hygienist

Laughing during the cleaning because it "tickles"

Ready for x-rays!

Showing off his clean and shiny teeth!

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