Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Once December arrived, it was time for Matt to drag down my ridiculously-large-number of boxes filled with Christmas decorations (part of the tradition that Matt hates most).  And every year, there simply isn't enough room in our home to accommodate my massive Christmas decoration collection; so every year, two or three large Rubbermaid boxes of items get stuck back into the garage to be used when we purchase the big mansion I've been planning for.

Of course, the main-attraction of our Christmas decorations is the tree.  And for the past few years, this part of the decorating has started off the same way - with Matt trying to put together our pathetic and cheap tree stand while yelling, muttering choice words under his breath, and stating that we are DEFINITELY buying a new tree stand for next year.  Yet, somehow, the tree stand reappears every year and causes a little extra stress for Matt during the holidays.  At least now he has an adorable little helper to assist him.

Looks like someone got into the chocolate
Once the tree stand was put together, Matt and Gavin brought the tree inside and added the water.  Gavin was such a great helper!

Then it was time to add the star and the ornaments.

Finally, the boys wanted to torment the dog by putting antlers on him.  What a way to finish the evening!

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