Tuesday, July 24, 2012

33 Months Old

My sweet boy,

You are growing up so fast!  Three is just a few months away!  You continue to amaze everyone with how smart you are and how incredible your speech is.  Daddy and I love every moment with you and cherish the time we get to spend together.  You have such a big heart and that makes us so very proud.  Here are some new things about you this month:

  • One struggle that we still have with you is potty-training.  We don't want to push you into it, but with 3 just around the corner and a baby on the way, we want you to stop wearing diapers soon.  Well, one day, I referred to you as "baby" and you replied, "I'm not a baby!"  So, then I asked why you still wear diapers if you are not a baby and without hesitation, you said, "Because I don't want to be naked."  Oh, makes sense to me!  Ha ha!  Guess we need to explain that we would provide you with some other form of underwear if you no longer wear diapers.
  • You continue to be a super picky eater, it amazes me that you even gain weight at all!
Feeding the ducks with Daddy

Mommy and you
  • When you do something sweet, you tell me that you have made me feel "all fuzzy."  Close enough.
  • You are excited about having a new baby sibling and one day you rubbed your little hand on my belly and said, "I wanna help the baby grow."  So sweet!!!!
After a bath 

  • You always tell me, "I want Mommy, Daddy both home" in the saddest, sweetest little voice ever!  It absolutely melts my heart!  Oh, how I wish we could all just be home together all the time too.  Work really puts a damper on our family time.  Geesh!
  • One morning, I woke up to a large bug in the kitchen area.  Being the incredibly big chicken I am, I just put a box over it, weighted it down, and put a note on top informing Daddy about the contents before I left for work.  I figured when you and Daddy woke up for the day, you guys would take care of it.  When I returned home that afternoon, you said, "Thanks for saving it for us in a box."  No problem, Gav.
Enjoying a Christmas treat

We love you so very much, Gav!  I know you are going to be a wonderful big brother!  You continue to make us such proud parents.  Thank you for being an incredibly great kid!

I love you, Gav!

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