Thursday, August 23, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

My wonderful husband sent me a dozen beautiful roses this Valentine's Day with a very sweet note.  Matt is not a particularly romantic guy, so I know that gestures like this require lots of thought and effort on his part, which makes me love him even more.  The fact that he took the time to think of such a genuinely sweet message for the card and send me beautiful roses makes me so grateful.  I adore my hubby and am looking forward to our years to come!

Gavin also worked on making a few Valentine's Day gifts of his own.  He started by making a card for Matt.

Then, he made gifts for his grandparents (with a little help from Mom).  Thanks to some adorable ideas from my new favorite website--Pinterest--we made personalized Hershey Kisses and put them in cute packages.  I love how easy they were and how incredibly cute they turned out!

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