Sunday, December 16, 2012

Easter 2012

I'm beginning to think that nursing Gavin for 11-1/2 months didn't really seem to build up his immune system like I thought it would.  It seems like he always has a cold; and when Gavin has a cold, he uses his arm or shirt to constantly wipe his snot across his right cheek.  After several wipes, his upper lip and cheek begin to turn red and raw.  This is quite obvious in the all of the pictures taken during this time.  However, it didn't deter him from having a wonderful time painting eggs and searching for them the following day.

When Gavin awoke on Easter Sunday, he searched the house for his basket that the Easter Bunny had hidden.  He found it rather quickly and got right to exploring all of his goodies (the Easter Bunny might need to be a little craftier with his hiding spot next year).

Later that day, we went to Matt's parents' house for Gavin to do his annual Easter egg hunt.  He had so much fun searching for eggs that he didn't want to stop.  He insisted that there were more eggs still "hiding" even after we told him he had found them all.

Overall, we had another wonderful Easter and we are looking forward to it next year when we will have two sweet boys to enjoy the holiday with!

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