Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

For Gavin's 3rd birthday, we took him to Disneyland for the first time.  Unfortunately, it was just before the opening of the new "Cars Land" which we know he would have loved.  However, we had a wonderful time regardless.

Daddy and Gavin
One of the first rides we went on was the Jungle Cruise.  Gavin loved riding in the boat through the "jungle" and seeing all of the wonderful sites.  I enjoyed the break my tired, pregnant body got after waiting in line forever.

Gavin also really enjoyed Tarzan's Treehouse.  For me, walking several flights of stairs resulted in a delightful leg cramp that caused me to walk with swagger for about ten minutes after.  Ugh...

The line for Pirates of the Caribbean was probably the longest we stood in all day (and we stood in some pretty long lines, let me tell you).  We snapped a great picture inside that was followed by a loud, "No flash photography" over the intercom.  Oops.  We truly loved the ride, with the exception of the dip.  Matt thought nothing of it, but it made my stomach flip-flop as it always has, and it scared Gavin.

The train was also a nice, relaxing ride we all enjoyed.  It's a great way to see most of the park and give our tired feet a break.

One of Gavin's favorite experience's of the day was going through Mickey's house and meeting the big Mouse himself.  Even though the wait to meet Mickey was about an hour, Gav was still super stoked when the moment arrived for him to meet one of his favorite characters.  He was especially impressed when Mickey gave him "knuckles."

Of course, a trip to Disneyland isn't complete without a visit to "It's a Small World."

Naturally, Gavin's favorite ride of the day was Autopia.  He loved cruising around the track with his Dad (even if their car did break down a few feet from the end and require maintenance to get it going again).  Overall, it was a wonderful day and one that I know made my sweet boy very happy!

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