Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November Happenings

November was a busy month for the Rogers family.  Gavin did his annual trip to the drag races with Daddy.  Grandpa was able to come too and they all had a great time!  Gavin even got a t-shirt signed by one of his favorite racers, Courtney Force.

Gavin and Grandpa

Gavin and Courtney Force

Gavin with his new dragster

November also brought the end of flag football.  *tear, tear*  Gavin got to celebrate with his team at a local pizza place.  They had trophy's and certificates for the players and Gavin was pretty excited about it.

We took the boys miniature golfing and Gavin even got a hole-in-one on the 18th so he won a free game!

Jaxon could not stop looking at his brother...

...even after we tried moving Gavin to the other side.
Of course November brought Thanksgiving as well, but I am always terrible about taking pictures on Thanksgiving.  I only took the camera out once and got a cute shot of Jaxon with his Uncle Jason.

We visited the beautiful Mission Inn for the Celebration of Lights.  It was our first time going during the actual "lighting" and it was crazy!  I don't think we'll go again until the kids are older.  It was beautiful, but just far too crowded and crazy with two small children.

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