Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Football and Pumpkins

The more the team played together, the more the seemed to understand the point of the game - do not pull off the flag of your own teammate, run to the end of the field in the direction you are facing when you line up before the play, and try to pull the flag of the player on the opposite team who has the ball.  It was so cute to see the little 3- and 4-year-olds out there on the field.  Gavin had a blast playing and we think it was a great experience for him.

Gavin is ready to play!

In formation

Some serious players...

My little football player

Talking about the last play

Gavin has the ball (but he's running the wrong way!)

Gavin got hurt on the field and was very bummed

Getting a pep talk from Dad

Ready to play again

Explaining what happened to Mom

Jaxon watching his big brother play football

The evening after the game, we made our annual trip to Tom's Farms with our friends to select our pumpkins.

The boys checking out the petting zoo

The Dads

Fixing the excavator

The Moms
 I still didn't have my camera, so the quality of these photos is not great, but at least it's something.

Looking for the perfect pumpkin

The boys narrowed it down to about 10 pumpkins each...

The pilgrim and the Native American

Jaxon and Mommy during his first trip to get a pumpkin

In the pumpkin carriage

Jaxon is confused by the situation

Silly faces

Our little family of four :)

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