Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nerves and Soy

Yesterday we received the call from Loma Linda that Gavin's surgery check-in time is 6:00 a.m.  That was good news because the earlier, the better.  Gav usually wakes up to eat somewhere between 5:30 and 6:00, so if we just keep him up really late tomorrow night, he might not have such a rough morning.  I know I'll have a rough morning regardless, because I have been overwhelmed with emotions about the surgery.  I feel anxious, nervous, sad, and glad all at the same time.  Whenever I think about it, I cry.  Thank goodness we have such wonderful, supportive family and friends who will be there for us through this experience.

I decided that I wanted to get Gavin's 3-month pictures done before his surgery, so I scheduled an appointment at JCPenney's.  I have never used their portrait studio before (because we have a photographer in the family - check out her work by clicking here), but I have seen some of their work and it's very cute.  However, I read a review online and it made me nervous, because the reviewer said that the appointments are only 10 minutes apart, he had to wait 1-hour, the photographers were rude, and they wouldn't allow him and his wife to interact with their child in order to make their baby laugh.  Ayyy!!  If I have an experience like that I will be so upset.  I hope it goes well.  It is so important to me to have great photos of his sweet wide-smile before he gets a new smile on Monday.

On another note, I have been craving ice cream for a few days now, but still can't have dairy due to Gavin's colic.  So I finally bought some soy ice cream on Friday from Trader Joe's and yahooo!!  It's delicious.  The soy milk I have been drinking is not so great, but the ice cream and ice cream sandwiches are very tasty.  Soy is one of my new favorite things!


  1. You continue to be in my thoughts as Gavin's big day approaches.
    I have had GREAT experiences at JcPenneys in Redlands. They treated Aiden with such dignity when it came to his cleft (in other words, treated him like the normal baby he is). We took pics there every month from 2 months old till now. :)

    That is awesome to have the 6:00 check in. Aiden did suprisingly well with not having his morning feeding since he was in a new place with lots of stuff to keep his mind off his stomach. We did make the mistake of letting him sleep through the night and in the end wished we would have woken him up for that last minute feeding. Overall it wasn't bad. If he will take a pacifier I would take that with you. Sometimes they just want the sucking motion and not necessarily the nutrition.
    Please do not hesitate to call as the time draws near. 794-2226. I know I had lots of last minute questions that of course came up after the doctor's office was closed. I felt helpless, so please know that you don't have to feel that way.
    Many prayers and I can't wait to get an update when you get time to do so.

  2. Hi Kelly! I can't believe that surgery is right around the corner! Good for you for getting pics done at Penny's. I hope they turn out awesome!

    I'll continue to be praying for you and Matt and Gavin, and of course your parents. Surgery is tough on the Grandmas like it is on us Moms!

  3. Wow! A surgery date and time already. I can't believe you were luck enough to get the early time. Adalynn's first surgery was scheduled around 1ish. Of course by then they were running behind, so it was well after that before they finally took her back.

    About the photography session-we have always had great success with JC Penny. It was Sears that was absolutely miserable. We got her photos taken around 10 months and they retouched her it REMOVED it via editing. We were horrified that someone would do that without our permission. I have never been so mad at someone regarding her cleft and needless to say, we have not been back.

  4. Hi Kelly,

    I am Patty, Rachel's Gramma and Darcy's Mom.

    I'll be praying for all of you tomorrow and in the days ahead of recovery....This Grandma's heart can bring the emotions and excitement of Rachel's surgery days back with a snap of the finger. I look at her now and at times it is hard to remember that wide smile. I look forward to seeing pictures of Gavin and his new little smile!

    Blessings, Patty

  5. Hey Kel,
    Now that it's all done, I still find that I have overwhelming emotions. The grand parent roller coaster is just as scary and emotional as the parent one. I love Gav's new look, though for some reason he looks older now, but I miss his big smile and will forever treasure that adorable photo of him in the surgical hat, it's precious. I love you all more than you know. Mom/Gramma