Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thankful for a New Day

Matt left for a boy's trip to Havasu yesterday at noon, so Gavin and I are on our own for the first time this weekend. I decided to come to my parent's house during the day, but go home at night so as not to mess up our routine. Yesterday was great during the day, but the night was not so smooth.

As soon as we got in the car to head home, Gavin started crying. We live about 15 minutes from my parents' house, so I figured he would calm down before we got home, especially since he only had two 1/2 hour naps after 10:30 that morning. But I was wrong! I played the blow dryer CD for him, wiggled his car seat, and tried talking to him during the ride, but nothing helped. By the time we got to our street, he was crying really hard. I couldn't get to the driveway fast enough. It was about 9:00 p.m., so it was dark, but I had left lights on at our house. As soon as I parked, I jumped out of the car to scoop him up and rush into the house. I was nervous though because there was a stray pit bull running down our street. Just peachy.

When we got in, I tried to soothe him and I figured I would give him his bath, since the front of his pajamas were soaked with tears and drool. But when I unsnapped the front, he let out the most blood-curdling scream! It was the loudest scream I think I've ever heard - from anyone. Then he screamed again, so I just grabbed him and held him tight and tried to calm him down. I let him nurse a bit, while I ran our vacuum (he loves loud, white-noise sounds). Once he was calm enough, I finished undressing him and gave him a quick bath. Then I nursed him again, with tears rolling down my cheeks, while he drifted off to dreamland. I was just so heartbroken over his rough night. Once Gav was beginning to fall asleep, our dog, Bocephus, began growling at the front door. Bo never really growls unless there's really something to growl at, so I was concerned. Of all nights for something or someone to be lurking around, it had to be the night when Matt wasn't home. Geesh. After awhile, Bo decided that whatever danger was outside was gone, so the three of us went to bed about 10:30. Phew!

This morning, Gav woke up a little after 5:15 a.m., and after we got ready, we came to my parents' house. This morning has started off much better, so I'm hoping tonight goes a little smoother. Fingers crossed!


  1. Ah Kelly, I'm so sorry your first weekend home alone hasn't gone too well as of yet. I'll be praying tonight is a much better night for you and for Gavin.

  2. Isn't it weird how everything seems so intense when you are doing it alone? Hope the rest of the weekend goes well!