Thursday, July 30, 2009

Growing Up So Fast

Hanging out in Daddy's Chevelle

It amazes me to see how fast Gavin is growing.  At 4 months, he is now reaching out and grabbing objects with his hands and is developing a silly, playful personality.  During "spa time," Matt will kiss Gavin's feet and then Gavin will playfully splash his feet into the water.  Also, a few times when I have been holding him in a cradle hold, he will open his mouth and turn his face in towards my chest quickly (almost like he's hungry, but I know he's not).  Then, I'll cover his little face with kisses and he will giggle and turn his face in for me to do it again.  I absolutely love him and enjoy every moment as his mommy!

Being silly

When Gavin wakes up from his daytime naps, he will often peek over the Pack 'n Play at me.  It is so precious, I just had to take a picture:

We saw Dr. Martin, the plastic surgeon, on Tuesday for a follow-up appointment.  He said the scar looks great and that we only need to put sunscreen on it when going outside.  He prescribed Mederma with SPF 30, which is both a scar cream and sunscreen in one.  And we plan on buying plenty of sunscreen sticks - thanks to Darcy's advice!

Checking out his hands and feet while waiting for the doctor at Loma Linda


  1. Such a doll. So glad he is doing well. Love to see pics of him...and yes, he is really growing up fast!!!! Pretty soon, he will be giving you a nice big "No!" like Reid does to me. Gotta love toddlers!!!

  2. He really is starting to look so much older! Wow! What a difference a few months does. Glad the appointment went well. You are right though, definitely wouldn't worry about him not sitting up yet.

    Also wanted to let you know I really enjoyed reading about your mom. The pages you made were really cool! Praying for you and your continued comfort.