Friday, July 10, 2009

My Adorable Little Man

Since I haven't been a great blogger lately, I just had to share some adorable pictures of my little man.  (Remember, you can click on any photo to enlarge it.)

Enjoying "Spa Time" (As Daddy calls it)

Supporting Gramma C's Favorite Team
Gavin used to be Gramma's angel, and now Gramma will be Gavin's angel

He was so tired, but for some reason, refused to nap this day. I caught him trying to look at the mobile when he was supposed to be sleeping. What a ham!

I took this one because it was his first time wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I couldn't believe how big he looked in them! He is growing so fast!

I love him with all my heart!


  1. Gavin is adorable! His repair looks great! Riley's been refusing to nap almost everyday...oh well...

  2. He really does look like a little boy with the shorts and shirt on. And, WOW, his scar is looking great, especially when you click on and enlarge it. You can tell you are doing a great job with keeping it clean and moist with the cream. Way to go mama!!!

  3. Wow! Dr Martin did an amazing job on that lip repair!!!! He looks awesome. And you're right...he's growing way too fast!