Saturday, October 17, 2009

7 Months Old

Gavin turned 7 months old yesterday. We love him more every day and cherish every moment as his parents. Here is some information about Gavin this month:
  • He is eating baby food (though he is not too fond of it!)
  • He can entertain himself for longer periods of time
  • He loves to make raspberry sounds
  • He is starting to scoot backwards
  • He is very loving and enjoys cuddling
  • He laughs when we laugh
  • He loves to play
Although we started baby food, Gavin was not thrilled about it. We began with green beans, as we wanted to start with vegetables. We did five days of green beans to test for allergies, but it was torture for Gav. After that, we tried each veggie for just one day, hoping for a better reaction, but no such luck. He even gagged when we switched to fruits and gave him bananas (which I personally thought were very tasty!). Hopefully he will acquire a taste for them over time. We just keep trying every night, even if he just takes a bite or two. Here is the reaction we got with the first green bean attempt:

He does great playing by himself now. Here are some shots taken today while he entertained himself:

He enjoys traveling now, which is great! On Tuesday, we went to watch Matt play softball. Unfortunately, it was cold and sprinkling, so we were the only fans in the stands. However, Gavin didn't mind and was a great little supporter for his Daddy:


  1. One minute they detest baby food and the next they love it....and will eat 3 jars at a time. He is such a little doll:)

  2. The picture of him gagging is priceless! Bless his heart...hope he sterts liking baby food soon! He always looks so happy! Riley is a happy baby, but for some reason doesn't always phograph that way!