Saturday, October 3, 2009

6 Month Photo Shoot (and a rough 2009)

We finally got Gavin's 6 month pictures from JCPenney's. We are so pleased! He looks absolutely adorable! I'm excited to use my new Photoshop Elements software to play around with them. But here are a few of my favorites for now.

With Halloween quickly approaching, we purchased Gavin's very first costume. Of course I had to try it on him and he looked so cute!

Our little monkey

"I love my Aunt Evie!"

On another note - this has not really been the 2009 I was hoping for. Although it started off with the best experience of my life with Gavin's birth, it also included the worst experience of my life with my mom's passing. First, losing my mom makes all these special moments with Gavin bittersweet, because I just wish she was here to experience them with me. September 29 would have been my parents' 30-year anniversary, so my sisters and I went to dinner with my dad. Here is a picture of Gavin enjoying his fingers at the restaurant:

Another reason 2009 is not turning out as I had hoped, is because Matt's grandpa was recently diagnosed with cancer. We just returned home from visiting him in the hospital. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers because we want him home soon! Matt's brother and his wife were also there visiting Papaw with their two beautiful daughters. It was nice to get our first pictures of the three little ones together. They are just too cute!

The whole gang (minus Matt who was taking the picture) from left to right: Papaw, Gavin, me, Adia, Patty (Matt's mom), Mamaw, Kristin, Madison, Jonathan (Matt's brother)

Gavin and Papaw

Adorable babies!


  1. Ok, i just typed out this whole comment and then it disappeared. UGH! So if you get this twice feel free to delete one.

    Sorry to hear about Papaws diagnosis with cancer. Cancer is never fun to deal with and I pray that God gives you and the entire family strength to get through it all.

    Gavin's pictures are A-DOR-ABLE as usual!!!! I love the monkey costume. i am less then pleased about our costume choices for this year. I was out voted by the family and they went for a Star Wars theme this year. I am not a fan but the rest of them are. Aiden will be Yoda, Alexis will be Princess Leia (sp), and Andrew will be Darth Vader. Should be interesting.

    I remembered you had asked me a while back how I got two pictures side by side in my post. Well honestly it was by accident and I wish I knew how to do it again.

    Well, I hope you have a blessed week and remember to keep your head up during these tough times, even though I know that is easier said then done sometimes.

  2. Love the monkey costume! Riley's going to be a flower--they are SO cute at this age!! Look at Gavin being such a big boy sitting for his 6 month pics...adorable! I was hoping Riley would be sitting for hers, but it's getting close to time and she's not sitting just yet :(

    Praying for healing for Papaw and your heart...