Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Sickness

I am once again terribly behind on my blogging, so I have to do a little catching up. I was hoping that my little man would avoid sickness forever until he was at least able to talk and let me know what was bothering him. But, our luck ran out when my sweet boy turned 10 months old. He got his very first cold, courtesy of his parents. We were both hoping he wouldn't get it, but since we had been passing it back and forth like a hot potato, I guess his chances weren't great.

I learned that it is completely awful to have a sick baby because you feel helpless. I just wanted to take his discomfort away. His poor little nose was running like a faucet and he absolutely hated having it wiped. He would scream so loud that I'm sure every time we wiped his nose, the neighbors were ready to call Child Protective Services. By the time he started feeling better, he was traumatized by tissues.

Overall, he was did surprisingly well when he was sick and managed to stay in good spirits most of the time (except when his nose was being wiped, of course). He just seemed a bit more sleepy than usual...

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