Sunday, February 21, 2010

11 Months Old

My sweet Gav,

You are now 11 months old. I can believe how fast the time has gone. You will soon be a "toddler" and no longer a "baby." You are the sweetest and happiest baby. People often comment on how happy you are. It is an absolute joy to be your mommy. You always make me laugh and I treasure our time together. Here are some new things about you this month:

  • You have learned how to hit your little baseball with your bat (well, sort of... you swing the bat wildly toward the ball with your eyes closed until it makes contact)

  • You love to touch everything you are not supposed to and climb on things that you shouldn't
  • You have learned how to give "knuckles" (something Daddy taught you) and will offer your little knuckles to anyone and anything (including the grumpy woman behind us in line at Wal-Mart and your Joe Montana picture in your bedroom)
  • In addition to "da da da da" and "ma ma ma ma," you have started saying "ya ya ya ya" quite often
  • You have begun putting your play phone and the house phone up to your ear, but become bored when you don't hear anything

  • You crawl exceptionally fast and will disappear in the blink of an eye
  • You are still not a big fan of baby food, but are showing more of an interest in what Daddy and I are eating
  • You have become a big fan of Gerber Puffs and will eat several in a sitting
  • You still have no teeth and we are wondering if your teeth will make their debut before your first birthday
  • You still love bath time and cuddling with mommy in your towel when it's done

  • You have recently decided that you no longer want your diaper changed and will often fuss and kick your legs while it's being done
  • You will still go out of your way to knock over any block towers because you do not approve of blocks being stacked on top of each other

  • You have discovered a love of the guitar thanks to Grandpa S who lets you play when you are visiting

  • You still love to dance and shake your booty at every chance you get

  • In a week's time, you went from me nursing you and singing you to sleep to going to sleep entirely on your own (I am such a proud mommy!)
Gavin, you make my job as a mommy wonderful and special! I love you so very much!


  1. I can not believe that he is already 11 months old!! He is looking so grown up and like you said is already loosing that baby look and looking much like a toddler. The fist thing is so funny. Aiden does the same thing now that Daddy taught him. And I can't keep him off the phone - I am sure he has called China at some point. Love the pic of him cuddling with you in his towel. Aiden won't let the towel stay on him longer then 30 seconds. He is my little streaker. If he keeps it on he will run around, stop in front of you, flash you, and then run away really fast laughing as hard as he can. Before you know it Gavin will be running around like a mad man too. :) and then life as you know it will change. I hope you have a wonderful week. Keep enjoying every sweet moment (and even the not so sweet diaper changing moments) with Gavin as you can never get those days back.

  2. I love the giving the knuckles!!! I bet that's the cutest!

    I can't believe he's quickly approaching a year old!