Sunday, December 26, 2010

19 Months Old

My sweet Gav,

At 19 months, you are such a little man! It seems like overnight you began saying so many new words and running around like the rambunctious little toddler you are! You love spending your days with Daddy and your nights with Mommy just as much as we love our time with you. And my mom (your Grandma in Heaven) was absolutely right - as you begin each new stage, I miss the stage that has passed, but I completely love the new stage you begin. Here are some new things about you at 19 months:
  • You have been running for over a month and you now run all over the place!
  • One of your new words is "bay-ball" (baseball), and you make the cutest little Popeye mouth when you say it. Here is a video clip:

  • You continue to love bath time and sometimes are difficult to get out when it's over.

  • You continue to love your time outside and would probably stay outside all day if we let you.

  • You received another haircut from Aunt Evie and discovered the water bottle and had a blast spraying it all over the house and yourself.

  • You are fascinated by the camera and want to see the "baby" on the viewer every time I take it out. This makes it exceptionally difficult to take your picture - sometimes you will chase me around to see the pictures!

  • You love your sunglasses and wanted them on one day before a car show and left them on for several hours until you decided it was no longer bright enough to require them.

  • You love Grandpa C's cat, Brat, because she lets you pet her as long as you're gentle.

  • Unlike your mom, you are fascinated by lizards and you and Daddy caught a baby one and made a little home for it so you could study it for awhile. (You and I later released it back into the backyard because it wouldn't have survived long in captivity.)

  • You love your swing and often ask to go on the "weee."
  • You continue to be a picky eater and sometimes I have to go through crazy theatrics to get you to eat certain things.

  • I decided that you were ready for flashcards and bought you Picture Words and More Picture Words. When I called the school supply store, the clerk told me that they had them available and they were for ages 5 and 6 and up. I told him that was perfect because you were a very advanced 18 1/2 month old! Here is a video clip of you going through some of the cards about a week after having them:

I hope I haven't missed anything major! You continue to grow so quickly and make me smile everyday. I love you to pieces and adore being your mommy! Thank you for making being your parent the most wonderful job in the world!

I love you, Gav!!

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