Monday, December 27, 2010

Craniofacial Team Visit

We went for another craniofacial team visit on October 25. This time we only met with the speech pathologist, Heather. She had requested to see him six months from his last visit to ensure that his speech was continuing to develop appropriately. Of course, we waited for what seemed like the usual several hours before we got to see her. So, Matt and Gavin passed the time by making paper airplanes and running around the room.

Paper airplanes

Listening at the door

Digging through Mama's purse

When Heather came in, I was prepared with his flash cards in tow to show her just how brilliant my little Gavin is. Unfortunately, he wasn't really interested in showing her anything. It seems like any time someone remotely resembling a doctor gets near him, he freaks out (I definitely don't blame him, after all he's been through already). So, she asked us a few questions and determined that he should be saying two-word phrases, such as "hi doggie" or "dada work." Now, I thought she was going to rave about how incredibly intelligent and advanced he is, so it wasn't quite the response I had been anticipating. However, I felt better after talking to a few friends because they agreed that it seemed odd that Heather said that most 18-month-olds are using two-word phrases regularly. In any case, we took her advice and began working on two-word phrases shortly after the appointment.

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  1. Wow, I can't believe she thinks he should be using two-word phrases! We're only getting those from Aidan now, and he's 2 1/2. It's hard not to be discouraged when you think he's doing so well (which he is!) And don't you hate how long you have to wait for those darn appts.? Aidan had his craniofacial visit today and same thing - he freaked out!