Monday, December 27, 2010

Halloween 2010

I had bought Gavin the most adorable lion costume for Halloween this year. It was complete with a little mane to go around his face and "paws" to wear on his hands. It was SO CUTE!! This is what it looked like:

I couldn't wait until Halloween for him to sport it. Well, the day before Halloween a friend of mine invited us over to her apartment complex where they were having a costume contest for kids. I attempted to put Gavin in his costume and he completely freaked out. He was screaming in terror when I even got it near him. At first, I started to panic and felt like Halloween would be ruined for us this year, but then, I could almost hear my mom's voice saying, "Don't force him to wear something he's uncomfortable in, even if he just wears pajamas as a costume, it will be okay. You want him to be comfortable." Thanks, Mom, I think her words of wisdom will continue to be with me forever.

So we skipped the party and went shopping for a new costume instead. We headed over to Old Navy with Aunt Evie and found an adorable dragon costume. The tail even wagged when Gavin walked! He actually liked the costume because it was just a jacket and pants and I loved it because it was comfy and warm for him on our cold Halloween night. He liked it so much that he didn't want to take it off, so I just carried him up to the register and set him on the counter to be rung-up. Even better--because it was the day before Halloween, the costume was marked down from about $30 to $5! I love an adorable bargain!!!

We spent Halloween in Canyon Lake since many of our friends live there and the community really goes all out for the holidays. We had a blast and Gavin had a great time visiting with the other kids. I even had one person ask to take Gavin's picture because he looked so cute. I guess everything worked out for the best in the end.

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