Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas has taken on a whole new meaning now that Gavin is old enough to really enjoy the festivities and, of course, the presents. We anticipated a smaller Christmas this year due to the economy and some recent pay reductions I had to endure at work. However, it didn't seem that small when we got all the gifts under the tree (and a majority of them were for Gavin!).

It has always been my family's tradition to open gifts and celebrate on Christmas Eve, while Matt's family does a delicious Christmas breakfast on Christmas Day, followed by gift opening. This works out well for us because it gives Gavin two days of gifts and holiday fun! So, Christmas Eve, my Dad, two sisters, and one sister's boyfriend, came over to open gifts. Gavin made out like a bandit and received tons of Disney's Cars stuff, cute clothes, books, and other fun things. He was especially fond of the Chuck My Talking Truck that he got from Grandpa C.

The next morning was Christmas and Gavin must have been really good this year, because Santa brought him the Power Wheels Lightning McQueen. He was so cute when he came down the stairs and saw Lightning McQueen in the living room. He couldn't wait to jump in! So, we all went outside for Gavin to take an early morning cruise. He figured out where the throttle was pretty quickly, but as for turning, reversing, or taking his foot off the throttle, well, that's a whole different thing. So Matt was running alongside Gavin on the patio trying to keep him from running into things and turning the car around when he ran out of room. It was quite the early morning workout for him!

Later, we went to Matt's mom's house for a delightful Christmas breakfast, followed by more gift opening! Once again, Gavin got lots of great things! He even got his own guitar and tool box from Grandpa and Grandma S and those have also quickly become a couple of his favorite things. Unfortunately, I didn't get any good pictures over there because we were so busy eating and opening gifts!

From there, we headed back home to join my family once again, this time with my brother and his friend since he couldn't make it out the day before. It was a very enjoyable day and I was so thankful for the time with both Matt's family and my family. It was a little difficult at times because we all missed my mom so much. I know she would have loved seeing Gavin open all of his gifts and it would have been so fun having her there. I don't think that pain will ever go away. I just have to hold onto the hope that one day we will be together again.

Gavin and Uncle Jason

The next day, Gavin wanted to spend some more time in his new wheels, so back outside we went. He looked so cute in his car and I loved seeing the joy on his face!

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