Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christmas 2011

Since our family tradition is to open gifts on Christmas Eve, I spent a good portion of the day on December 23 wrapping gifts.  I ordinarily like to be done sooner, but since my Dad and I now go Christmas shopping together, it is difficult for us to get together and get it done until I am off work for winter break.  Therefore, we didn't even finish our shopping until the 22nd.  Phew!  Wrapping all these gifts in one sitting was exhausting (especially since I'm pregnant).

My family came over on Christmas Eve to open gifts and we had a wonderful holiday together.

My sister, Kristy

Our tree

Gavin in his Cars Santa hat

Kristy and her boyfriend, Mark

Gavin and his new tools

New socks

My sister, Evie

New Hot Rods

Cars toys

Leopard-print Band-Aids 

More Cars toys

HiHo Cherry-O!

HiHo Cherry-O!

McQueen lounge chair

My brother, Jason (on the right), and his boyfriend, Erick

My Dad and his girlfriend, Cyndi

Gavin and Matt
The next day, Gavin woke up to a new big wheel and some goodies in his stocking from Santa.  He was very excited to see that Santa even left him a message on the chimney!

Later, we went to Matt's parents' house for round two of gift-opening.

Gavin and his cousins, Adia and Madison

McQueen book


Train whistle

Slot car track
We had a wonderful Christmas!  And next year, we will have two little ones to enjoy for the holiday!

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