Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jaxon - One Day Old

I enjoyed my first day as a mommy to two sweet boys.  I spent most of the day in the hospital bed, recovering from my c-section, but admiring my adorable Jaxon.  My in-laws picked up Gavin so he wouldn't be bored hanging around the hospital, so Matt and I enjoyed the day bonding with our new baby boy.  I was a little sad to see Matt leave after visiting hours, but quite confident that I would be just fine since I had spent quite a few nights alone with Gavin in the hospital.  As I drifted off to sleep that night, I was looking forward to going home in a day or two and starting our journey as a family of four.

Shortly after midnight, I woke up with a strange feeling.  I quickly realized that I couldn't hear anything.  I already have a slight hearing loss, but I couldn't hear anything.  When the nurse came in to check on us, I saw her mouth moving, but could not hear any words coming out.  I felt panicky, but I thought maybe it would pass and perhaps I just had fluid in my ears or something.  I tried to explain to the nurse what was going on so we could communicate somehow.  I ended up going back to sleep shortly after that and hoped that my hearing would return once I woke up.

Unfortunately, my hearing did not return when I woke up a few hours later.  I could only hear things that were right up to my ear and everything else sounded extremely mumbly.  The nurses sounded like the adult characters from "Charlie Brown."  It was awful!  I called Matt and luckily, I could hear his voice through the phone so I quickly explained what was going on and asked him to come to the hospital quickly.  I was so thankful when he arrived.  All I could think was that if I had lost my hearing permanently, how would I ever hear my sweet Jaxon when he cried at night?  My mom had worn hearing aids for many years and could not hear at all without them and I found myself wishing that she was there to talk to and comfort me.

Once Matt arrived, he worked as a liaison between me and the nurses.  He would "translate" everything anyone said to me by shouting it in my ear.  I cried several times because I just wanted to enjoy my first full day with Jaxon and not have to worry about my hearing.  The anesthesiologist who gave me the spinal block came to check on me and was quickly assessed on the situation.  He looked worried, but said that he had never heard of this happening before.  The nurses and several other doctors all agreed that it was very unusual and weren't quite sure why I had lost my hearing.

I tried to push it out of my mind and just focus on this adorable face.  When I went to sleep that night, I prayed that my hearing would return and that we would get to go home the next day and enjoy our time as a family.

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