Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jaxon - Month One

Three Days Old
I quickly discovered that Jaxon was a very typical wakes-up-every-two-hours-to-eat newborn and decided that it was a good thing that he was so darn cute because that schedule was not much fun for me!  I was a walking zombie for the first few days so I was very thankful to have such an intelligent and helpful little 3-year-old by my side.  Gavin absolutely loved having Jaxon home.  He wanted to hold him every chance he got and was so careful and loving with him, it just melted our hearts.

I tried to minimize my use of the flash, because he would flinch every time!

Baby feet!

Cuddling with Grandpa C
We settled into a great routine and with Jaxon napping a lot during the day, I was actually able to enjoy a few mommy luxuries such as showering, brushing my teeth, and occasionally even putting make-up on (very occasionally).  But with Matt home the first few days, it made it easier to get things done.

Four Days Old - Bonding time with Daddy
My good friend, Courtney, came over to snap a few newborn pictures of Jaxon when he was five days old.  I especially wanted a cute picture to use for his birth announcement (which I have yet to send out and as I write this he is 8-1/2 months old - I am sooo on it!).  She got some really cute shots!

This first one didn't come out quite the way we had hoped.  It was a Pinterest-inspired shot that could have really been cute, but the lighting wasn't great and we couldn't get the right angle or cooperation from Jaxon.  Hee hee...

Gavin continued to be a big help and really adored holding Jaxon.  It was so cute to see my little Gavin growing into such a helpful and loving big brother.  We are such proud parents!

Giving Jaxon his bath brought back memories of all the wonderful "spa times" we had with Gavin.  Jaxon looked so tiny in his tub, but he sure outgrew it quickly!

I used to love taking pictures of Gavin as he slept, but Jaxon was much more sensitive to the flash and would frown every time I snapped his picture when he was sleeping.

Gavin was worn out from the exhaustion of being a big brother!

One week + one day old
12 days old: A bit blurry without the flash, but I love this adorable smile!
Brothers :)
I saw this adorable photo idea on Pinterest where the baby is laying on a piece of fabric for each weekly milestone picture and the age of the baby is photoshopped into it.  However, my attempt at this did not go so well.  I kept it up for a few weeks, this being my first attempt at 2 weeks, but apparently Jaxon didn't like this idea at all.

2 weeks + 1 day
Enjoying the baby swing

Meeting Grandma B for the first time
2 weeks + 6 days
3 weeks old!
Attempt two, still not great...
Gavin wore newborn clothing for the first 3 months of his life, so I bought tons of adorable newborn outfits for Jaxon thinking that he would be the same way.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.  He stretched out of the newborn size by the end of his first month and I was quickly trying to put all of the cute things on him before they wouldn't fit him anymore.  Some things (such as the cute little outfit in this photo) were just put on him for a photo op and were never able to be worn again.  *sniff, sniff*

4 weeks old!
My sweet Jax,

You have melted our hearts this first month and we are so incredibly happy to have two sweet little boys.  Here are a few things you have already learned to do in the short time you have been on this earth:
  • You are extremely strong and can already lift your head up when laying on your tummy.
  • You are learning how to focus when looking at faces.
  • You experienced your first bath and it went pretty well.
  • You are waking up every 2 hours at night, but hopefully this won't last too long!
We love so very much, Jax!  You have brought us tremendous joy this past month and filled our hearts with so much love.  I never realized that I could fall so completely in love with two sweet little boys, but I have!  I have such an amazing and unconditional love for both of my sweet boys.  My heart is so full and so happy!

We love you to pieces!

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