Wednesday, September 16, 2009

6 Months Old!

Gavin is officially 6 months old! And boy did those 6 months fly by. He is such a good baby and I truly cherish every moment as his mommy.

Gavin reaching for a friend at a wedding

Gavin is such a little ham lately. He can be so silly at times that Matt and I just crack up! He started "growling" about a month ago and does it pretty often now. He will put a lot of effort into his growls - tense face, hands in fists, legs tight, feet flexed - it's really a big deal. Then he'll shout "Eeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" and wait for Matt or I to shout it back to him. This can often go on for quite some time. He usually only does it with us, but he recently did it with my dad (his Grampa C) and it was pretty humorous. I managed to catch a good "growl" on video (please excuse us adults growling in the background!):

Gavin with Grampa

I want to start keeping track of new things Gavin can do each month, because someday I hope that he will want to look back at this and enjoy reading at what age he began doing things.

By one month:
  • Had good neck control
  • Very sweet and happy baby

By two months:
  • Rolled over from tummy to back
  • Began sleeping through the night
  • Began smiling
  • Favorite sounds include the vacuum cleaner and the blow dryer
  • Began finding his voice

By three months:
  • Could sit supported
  • Followed objects with eyes

By four months:
  • Began laughing out loud
  • Would reach for objects

By five months:
  • Could eat rice cereal
  • Could grasp toys

By six months:
  • Sleeping about 9 hours per night (Yes - he is sleeping through the night again after a brief rough patch!)
  • Shows interest in toys and other objects
  • Plays with mom and dad by "growling" and being silly
  • Loves the bouncer
  • Enjoys "tummy time"
  • Likes to feel everything
  • Turns head when name is called

I love you, Gav!!

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  1. He is just SO adorable. I love the video. Aiden does this thing where he shows us his muscles. He clinches up his fists and puts then in front of his face and then makes a grunting noise. I keep trying to get it on video (along with the milk dance) but he always stops and watches the blinking red light when I try to video instead of doing what was funny. Oh well. Glad to hear he is back to sleeping well again. I can't believe he is 6 months old. You are doing such an awesome job as a mommy and should be proud of yourself!! Hope you have a blessed weekend.