Monday, September 28, 2009

Restful Nights

Ahhh...Gavin is back to sleeping through the night. It has been great once again. Hooray!! We are also working on getting him to go down for naps without a struggle again and it seems to be working. I just put him down for a nap because I knew he was tired and he tossed and turned until he was comfortable and then just drifted off to sleep. I was watching him on the video monitor and he didn't even make a sound. He just snuggled in and closed his eyes. Wow. He is such a good baby!

Attacking his rainforest

And lately, he is just so energetic and fun. He is definitely all-boy. He grunts and yells and makes all sorts of "boy" sounds. We also started introducing new toys to him and he loves to slam them around and be rough with his new playthings. Matt and I crack up at all the funny things he does. Now that he is sitting up on his own, he is all about being independent. He gets upset if we try to hold him up or help him balance - he wants to do it all by himself! This new stage is so much fun.

A big kiss from his buddy, Bocephus

He is still doing good eating cereal once a day. We tried twice a day, but he really wasn't interested. I think we'll try again soon, but just stick to once a day for now. I think it will be fun to introduce new foods to him, but I don't want to do it until he's ready.

Enjoying rice cereal

I really miss staying home with my sweet boy during the day, but Gavin's Aunt Evie is doing a wonderful job and has been great about taking pictures of him throughout the day and sending them to me via text message. Here are a few that she took recently:

Baby in a basket

"Ah! I'm scaaaarrred!!"

Although being away from him during the day is hard, I really cherish the moments we have together in the afternoon when I get home. Here are some shots I took while he was "flying" on my knees:

He is getting so big! I can't wait to pick up his 6 month pictures on Wednesday. I just bought Photoshop Elements so I could play around with some of his photos and I will have a great time with his new ones. I tinkered around with it the other night just to see what it could do and I had a lot of fun. Here are two of his 3 months pictures that I edited. Looking at these makes me realize just how fast he is growing up!


  1. So cute! I told my husband that I want Photoshop for Christmas! Riley's back sleeping through the night too!

  2. Yay for good sleepers!!! We have a video monitor too and I still love watching Drew find "his spot" and drift off to sleep!

    I'm looking into getting some editing software so let me know what you think of PS.

  3. Nothing better than a baby sleeping all night!!