Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to Work

Hanging out with Mommy

I started work on Tuesday, which is the reason for my lack of blogging. Returning to work has drained me of all energy, since I'm waking up at 5:00 a.m. instead of 7:00 a.m. I want to make sure I get in plenty of time to feed Gavin or pump if I have to, eat breakfast, and make it to work on time (something I have always struggled with). So far, I was able to do it, but when I return from work, I just want to spend time with Gavin and not on the computer. And, by the time Gav goes to bed, I'm ready for bed as well.

Finally enough hair for a mohawk!

Before I returned to work, while Matt was working a side-job, Gavin and I spent the day at my in-law's house. I think all the fun with Grandpa and Grandma S wore Gavin out! He fell asleep on the car ride home with his hand still clinging to his toy!

After my little tire mishap, my mom-in-law offered to take Gavin and I to Ikea a few days before I returned to work to pick up that darn headboard. Luckily, they still had some so we were able to get it, but I was quite discouraged by the lack of helpfulness from the Ikea employees. I even had to return something before I left the store since they sold it to me without all the hardware (it's a long story). Overall, I am excited to have the headboard, but my mom-in-law and I were not very impressed with the Ikea employees. We agreed that Gavin was the least fussy out of the three of us that day.

Happy to be going to Ikea (we had no idea what was in store for us...)

Since I have returned to work, my sister has been watching Gavin. She will come to our house everyday and stay until Matt or I return from work. She has been wonderful! The first day was a little rough for her and Gav, since it was new to both of them. But they have both adapted well and I am so thankful to have a great sister who is so good with Gavin. It helps ease my mind while I'm at work, knowing that he's in good hands.

Returning to work has not been easy, because I miss Gavin terribly and, since my mom and I worked for the same school district, being there makes me miss her even more. I am also still breastfeeding, so I have to pump at work, which is not fun! However, it is important to me and I want to continue doing it as long as I can. (Well, to an extent. I watched a YouTube video today about a mom who was still breastfeeing her 8-year-old daughter and it was very, very disturbing.) My original goal was 6 months, but I think I can go a little longer.

I'm going to try to create a new routine so that I will have time to blog regularly again because I really enjoy it. Right now, it's about 10 p.m. on Saturday and I am waiting for Matt to return home from his side-job. He left early this morning and is still working! He worked last night until almost 11 p.m. and tonight he says he will be even later. My poor husband!! He is such a wonderful husband and father. He is working this side job because the money is great and it will allow us to save up a little extra for Gavin's first Christmas. What a guy!

This is a picture I took of Gavin today during our first full mommy-son day together since I returned to work. He is absolutely precious and I love every moment with him!


  1. he looks great!!! Going back can be hard, but it I think it makes you value the time you have together even more.

  2. Oh Kelly, it sounds like you're doing awesome!!! Juggling being a great Mommy, working outside the home, still grieving over the loss of your Mom, and being a wonderfully supportive wife to Matt and his working side jobs in order to provide for the best 1st Christmas possible!

    You have two days left of this three day weekend...enjoy every single second you have with Gav!! Hugs to you!

  3. Love the mohawk pic :) Finding that new routine can be difficult but it sounds like you are making the transition. Before you know it this will be the new norm. WTG on the pumping, I know how much extra effort that takes and how time consumming it can be, but as you know it is all for Gavin! Hope you are enjoying your three day weekend.

  4. You have quite the cutie too :o) And that's a great pic of the two of you--you look so pretty!

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend!