Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In the Swing of Things

Some of you may not know that we are currently living in the house that I grew up in. A few years ago, my parents decided to downsize and move into a smaller condo and offered to let Matt and I move into their house. We happily accepted and have been here ever since. The backyard boasts lots of room for Gavin to run around in when he's older and even has a little "Kid's Korner" (as is written on the fenced-entrance). When my siblings and I were younger, my parents had created this little haven for us to play in. My dad and a friend built a swing set complete with three swings. I have many fond memories of that area.

When we moved in the swings had been long gone, but the swing set frame was still standing strong. So, for Gavin's birthday, Grandpa C bought three new swings for our little Kid's Korner. And of course, Grandpa was really thinking was he did this because he made sure to buy two adult swings and one toddler swing so that Gavin could use his new gift right away.

Being the outdoorsy type of guy Gavin is, he took to the swing like a fish to water. He absolutely loves hanging out in his swing and would only get upset when it was time to get out. A few times I had to practically drag him out of it to get him to come in and eat lunch. I think Grandpa definitely made the right choice with that birthday gift!


  1. What a great gift!!! Keep on Swingin Gavin!

  2. How special that Gavin gets to grow up in the same house that you did. Aiden is also a major swing lover. That and the Fide (slide). I hesitate to go to the park sometimes because I know there will always be drama when it is time to go. Thankful we have a swingset in the backyard now so the drama can be family business and not a huge spectical for the world to see.