Monday, May 31, 2010

Visiting Uncle Jason

Gavin and I recently got to spend a fun-filled day visiting my brother in Hollywood. My two sisters came, too, and while I got my hair done by my brother's fiancé, Gavin spent time with his aunts and uncle. They took him for a walk to the park, but since it started to sprinkle, they quickly went for cover in a little café across the street. They had to sit in the covered outdoor patio area because they had my brother's little French bulldog with them.

After my hair was done, my brother's fiancé and I met the group at the café. As I walked up, I saw my sweet Gav sitting in a high chair, with his "spare" white onsie from his diaper bag wrapped around his foot. I panicked, because I immediately thought that something terrible must have happened to his foot and the onsie was acting as a temporary bandage. Well, my brother explained that my sister had tried to give Gavin a sip of water from a cup and it spilled on his foot and soaked his little sock. Since it was cold outside, my siblings were taking turns holding his bare foot in their hands to keep it warm. They then realized that it would be easier to simply tie his onsie around his foot. So then I asked where his sock was and my brother laughed as he pointed up and said, "It's up there." I looked up at the heat lamp next to me and saw Gavin's tiny white sock hanging from the top. It was quite a funny sight! But I have to give them points for creativity!

Gavin had a great day with his uncle and aunts and we look forward to visiting with them again soon.

Uncle Jason helping Gavin walk around his house

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